Compass Routes (K-5)

PLEASE NOTE: Changes for some routes at these schools may occur during the school year as ridership and scheduling needs require. 
Choose the appropriate bus route, then click the link to see either the scheduled stops and approximate times.  
Bus Route 201Route 201

The Hamptons, Downtown (Main, Ferrel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sts, Vine St), Marshall Rd. 

Bus Route 202Route 202

Bello Mondo (Florentina, Fontana), Wilson Rd, Francis St., Gates Dr E, Hillcrest Dr, Maple St, Wells Dr.

Bus Route 203 Route 203

Southwest of Platte City:  Hillsboro Rd, Farley Hampton, 89th St, Jones-Meyer Rd, Hillview Rd Cir, Baker Rd Cir, NW Baker Rd, 45 Hwy, Dry Lake Rd, NW Moore Rd, Hwy N (S of Hillsboro Rd), Hwy D (NW 120th St)  
Bus Route 205 Route 205

West side of 4th St:  1st St, 2nd St, Zed Martin, Mill St, Spring St, Wallingford, Atchison, O'Rourke, Almond, Academy, Kathy Ln, Collins Dr, Todd St, Rader St, Emmy Ln, Townview Cir, Hull Dr, Hillcrest Dr

Bus Route 206Route 206

Tracy, Hwy 273, Roller Ct, Town Ct Cir, Pine View, Cedar Ridge, N American Ave, 178th St, Trent Ct, Elm Grove Rd, Sharps Station Rd, Hwy 92 (W of Tracy), Creative Kids Daycare
Bus Route 208 Route 208

Summit Way, Humphrey's Rd, Copper Ridge, Pirate Lake Estates
Bus Route 210 Route 210

Fox Creek, Brookfield Subv, Running Horse Subv, Hands On Montessori School
Bus Route 214Route 214

Southwest of Platte City:  Baker Rd (Hwy N to Farley Hampton), 112th St, Deerbrook Ln, Farley Hampton Rd (Windover to Hillsboro), Seven Bridges Subv, Windover Rd,  Hillsboro Rd (Farley Hampton to Hwy N), Village Cir Dr
Bus Route 216Route 216

Broken Bridge Rd., Tudor Flats (Gates Dr W, Catie Ln, Century Hill)

Bus Route 222Route 222

Hands on Montessori, Spectrum Station, Talented Tots Daycare, Willow Woods