School Counseling Services


As we help our students in their journey to be come independent learners and responsible citizens, we believe in a strong school/family relationship which
  • challenges each child to reach his/her potential in an atmosphere of encouragement
  • promotes and models respect for self and others

To achieve the above, the counseling staff will work collaboratively within the school community to

  • develop academic programs based on student need
  • promote academic success and responsible behavior toward others
  • monitor academic progress of students
  • provide career development activities with global perspective

Counseling Staff

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Geoff Heckman
Platte County High School
Paige Schillig
Platte County High School
Sandi Ogden
Platte County High School
Dixie Wirsig
Platte City Middle School
Lesa Levi
Platte City Middle School
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Rebecca Brandt
 Barry School
Dana Christie
Pathfinder Elementary

Janelle Mather
Compass Elementary 
 Amy Wazac
Pathfinder Elementary 
 Katie Vena
Siegrist Elementary
No Photo!  
Heather Brown
Platte County High School