Long Range Plan

District leaders along with Hollis and Miller Architects worked with more than 60 patrons in 2013 to create a framework for developing new facilities. The Long Range Plan is intended to be a guide rather than a blueprint. The Long Range Plan consists of the three documents linked below:

Planning Criteria

The Planning Criteria provides 17 concepts around which new buildings and sites will be developed.

Feeder System Diagram

The Feeder System Diagram provides an articulated plan that defines how our students "feed" through schools from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  

Flashpoint Diagram

The Flashpoint Diagram identifies student enrollment levels that require new facility planning and construction.

Long-Range Facility Plan Update

The Board will assemble the Task Force for a period of approximately one and one half years (meeting periodically) and will begin meeting in January, 2017 to analyze data, review and refine planning criteria, explore facility planning options, and develop future scenarios.

The Task Force will work with District staff to develop planning scenarios. A public comment period is planned for October to November, 2017. Once the public has been provided ample opportunity to provide feedback, the Task Force will recommend an update to our Long-Range Facility Plan for the Board of Education to consider at the May, 2018 board meeting.