Law Enforcement/Crime Scene Investigation
This program is intended to be a general introduction to the American Criminal Justice System with emphasis on law enforcement.  Students will explore U.S. Constitution Law and the Missouri Criminal Code.  Some of the skills and knowledge of the general duties performed by law enforcement officials will be presented by officers from a variety of local law enforcement agencies adding their knowledge and experience with lectures and demonstration throughout the program.  Students will participate in lab activites related to each area of study.
To complete all the required skills, high school students attend three hours per day for two school years.

Program Instructor

 Darrick Bruns Officer Bruns has been the LE/CSI instructor since its inception in 2007.  He is the SkillsUSA Lead Advisor for the local chapter as well as a member of the SkillSUA National Education team.  He is in his fifth year as a Teacher-Leader at NTI and third year as a mentor in the Mentor/Protege program for the state of Missouri.  Officer Bruns exemplifies Respect, Integrity and Honesty.  He hopes every student leaving the program understands these three words.


Program completers may earn 5 college credits from the Metropolitan Community College.




              Program of Study

  • * Patrol Procedures
  • * Basic First Aid
  • * Professional Ethics
  • * Types and Use of Law Enforcement Equipment
  • * Crime Scene Investigation
  • * Evidence Procedure
  • * Accident Investigation
  • * Constitutional Law 



    Hourly Wage

    Average Salary


    $11 - $27

    $ 35,000

    Military Police

    $10 - $30

    $ 36,000

    Corrections Officer

    $13 - $34

    $ 39,000


    $13 - $38

    $ 43,000

    FBI Agent

    $13 - $38

    $ 43,000

    CSI Technician

    $16 - $42

    $ 52,000

    Police Officer

    $16 - $43

    $ 55,000

    Highway Patrol

    $16 - $43

    $ 58,000