Agricultural Education

This two year program prepares students for agricultural careers in a variety of areas through course work, labs, project based learning, and green house studies.Agricultural Education introduces students to the cultivation, processing, marketing and distribution of food forestry and horticultural that occur in built-up “intra-urban” areas.Agriculture has been identified as a growing career field with many job opportunities and a shortage of qualified workers.According to the National FFA Organization, agriculture is the nation’s largest employer, with more than 23 million jobs (17 percent of the civilian workforce) involved in some facet of American agriculture.

Program Instructor

 Melanie Barnett Miss Melanie Barnett is a first year teacher, but a veteran when it comes to Agricultural Education. Miss Barnett was a four year Agricultural student and FFA Member in the Wellington-Napoleon School District and earned many honors as a student, including an American FFA Degree. Ms. Barnett attended Northwest Missouri State University and earned her Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in 2014. Prior to coming to NCC, Miss Barnett spent a semester teaching in the Polo School District. She brings a vast amount of experience in the agricultural field and passion for learning and growing. NCC is very excited to have her as part of our instructional staff.

Career Opportunities

Hourly Wage

Average Salary

Landscaping & Groundskeeper

$ 9 - $ 17

$ 23,000

Conservation Scientist

$ 17 - $ 39

$ 61,100

Environmental Health Scientist

$ 19 - $ 55

$ 63,000


$ 16 - $ 62

$ 69,000

Nursery & Greenhouse Manager

$ 16 - $ 62

$ 69,000


$ 25 - $ 72

$ 84,000


$ 21 - $ 74

$ 81,000