• Hall of Fame

  • Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame program was started by the PCHS Booster Club in 1999 as a way to recognize special volunteers, former teachers/employees, or anyone who has contributed significantly to the enhancement of the Platte County R-3 School District. Hall of Fame nominations are typically accepted around October 1, and the Hall of Fame inducts new members in January. A list of the inductees to date are shown in the table below.
    1999-2000 David Fisher, Dick Foster, Tom Morgan, Jack Swaney, Ralph Wittmeyer
    2000-2001 Howard Brazelton, Jack Coots, Grundy Newton, Scotty Williams, Jay B. Wilson, Jr.
    2001-2002 Jerre Blankenship, David Clevenger, J. Michael Hartegan, Loneta Wilson-Schmollinger, Bill Williams
    2002-2003 Marvin “Dale” Brown, Dannie Stamper, Tom Swaney
    2003-2004 Gerald B. Hart, Carl M. Myers, Christopher T. Patterson
    2004-2005 William “Bill” Brown, Mike McMillian, Robert W. Wills
    2005-2006 Abe Martin, Bob Maxwell, Gay L. Stuart
    2006-2007 Kathy Hatfield
    2007-2008 Scott Fowler, Max Hunt
    2008-2009 Skip Foster, Ronnie Johnson
    2009-2010 Kerry Scanlon, Wilson Tatman Jr.
    2010-2011 David Allen, Marty Pope
    2011-2012 Carey Rolofson, Lindy Rolofson, Chip Sherman, Mark Wittmeyer
    2012-2013 Oleda Cooper, Dr. Mark Harpst, Craig Robinson
    2013-2014 Don Siegrist
    2014-2015 Wendell Doyle, R.B. Miller, Tina Zubeck
    2015-2016 Brandon Gutshall, Arvid Johnson, Zach Sherman
    2016-2017  Greg Jaros, Jan Patterson, Mary Temperelli