• Copiers/Printers

    Each building has a color copier/printer/scanner, as well as additional black and white copier/printer/scanner machines. Any staff member can use any machine in the District. To print to a copier/printer, select the “Follow Me” print queue in the computer application. The staff can then go to any machine in the District, log into that machine, and release their print job at that machine.

    Users must log in to a copier/scanner to use the machine in any way, including printing. You can log in by scanning your District-issued key-card, entering your District username and password (username and password” option on the copier screen), or entering your copier code (“ID number” option on the copier screen). Directions on logging into a copier/scanner and basic use are available here. Please note the first time you use your key-card, you will need to enter your District username/password.

    Copier Instructions

    Printing - Instructions on setting up the copier to duplex, staple, and hole punch.

    Scanning- Instructions on scanning a document to yourself or another staff member through email.