• Copiers/Printers

    Multiple black and white network copiers/printers are distributed throughout the different buildings. Please check with your Librarian to find out if there is a color copier/printer available. 

    Each staff member has a copier code that is used with the copiers of their respective building(s). To find out your copier code ask the head secretary in your building.

    Copier Instructions
    Setting Department Codes - Instructions on setting your department code in the printer settings of your own building workstation. This will allow you to print from your computer without having to add in your code each time.

    Printing Options - Instructions on setting up the copier to duplex, staple, and hole punch.

    Private Printing - Instructions on setting a code so the copier will wait to print until you are at the copier.

    Scan to Email - Instructions on scanning a document to yourself or another staff member through email.