• Office of the Superintendent

    District Education Center The Superintendent's office is located in the District Education Center at 998 Platte Falls Road in Platte City. The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents can be reached at 816.858.5420 and welcome your comments, suggestions, and input.

    District Education Center Staff 
    • Dr. Mike Reik, Superintendent of Schools
    • Vicki Diggs, Secretary to the Board of Education, Executive Administrative Assistant to Superintendent of Schools

     Business and Finance 

    • Angie Hughes, CPA, Executive Director of Business Services
    • Marilyn Snyder, Administrative Assistant for Business and Finance
    • Salli Sullins, Administrative Assistant for Business and Finance 


    •  Laura Hulett, Director of Communications

     Personnel and Operations 

    • Dr. Rob Gardner, Assistant Superintendent - Personnel/Operations
    • Jay Harris, Executive Director of Operations
    • JT Thomas, Director of Transportation
    • Kashca Omundson, Executive Administrative Assistant for Personnel/Operations
    • Debi Jurkovac, Executive Administrative Assistant for Operations/Business
    • Bobbi Wheeler, Human Resources Specialist
    • Dixie Balagna, Administrative Assistant for Human Resources

     Academics and Continuous Improvement 

    • Dr. Mike Brown, Assistant Superintendent - Academics/Continuous Improvement
    • Mindy Wall, Executive Administrative Assistant for Academics/Continuous Improvement
    • Dr. Jennifer Beutel, Executive Director of Pupil Services
    • Susie Murphy, Executive Administrative Assistant for Pupil Services
    • Dr. Alicia Wilson, Director of Academic Services
    • Andy Hall, Director of Information Services
    • Shelli Baldwin, Professional Development Coordinator 
    • Aaron Duff, Academic Services Coordinator
    Platte County R-3 School District Organizational Chart
    To view the 2019-20 organizational chart for the Platte County R-3 School District, click here.