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    Is My Child Gifted? 

    Characteristics of Gifted Learners

    There will be differences in the characteristics of or behaviors exhibited by gifted children. Some common characteristics of gifted students are:
    • Superior reasoning powers 
    • Persistent intellectual curiosity 
    • Wide range of interests 
    • Marked superiority in quality or quantity of written and/or spoken vocabulary 
    • Reads avidly and absorbs books well beyond his or her years 
    • Learns quickly and easily and retains what is learned 
    • Shows insight to arithmetical problems that require careful reasoning and grasps mathematical concepts readily 
    • Has a keen sense of humor 
    • Sets high standards for self

    Many children will display some of these characteristics. However, research suggests that only two to three percent of the population are gifted to the extent that they require educational options beyond the regular classroom in order to reach their potential. Gifted programming is designed to meet the special learning needs of this population.

    Program Description

    The Delta program is open to students in grades K-8 who meet or exceed the entrance criteria. Requirements are based on scores from District and Statewide Achievement tests, advanced scoring on the GATES and SAGES testing, and a Full Scale IQ of 130 on Nationally Recognized IQ tests. For more information on these services, please contact 816.858.7001.
    The Platte County R-3 School District has several special programs designed to challenge students who are academically gifted and help them develop their talents. Gifted programs teach students about critical thinking, logic, creativity and problem-solving.
    At the elementary level, the gifted program is a pull-out class called Delta. At the middle school, students attend Delta classes in their own school. At the high school level, students have opportunities to take advanced placement and honors-level classes.

    Gifted/Delta Program Staff 

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    Jill Marriott
    Platte City Middle School/
     Platte City High School

    Lisa Thomsen
    Barry School/
    Pathfinder Elementary

    Hanna Gibson
    Compass Elementary/
    Siegrist Elementary

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