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    Reading Support

    The Reading Support Program is a supplemental reading program designed to help children improve their reading skills. The program is designed to provide targeted kindergarten through fifth grade struggling readers with supplemental reading instruction. Our goal in Reading is to help students become fluent readers in a small-group, safe, and flexible environment in order to promote lifelong readers. Reading support is "in addition to" the everyday English Language Arts program instruction in the classroom, a "double-dose" of reading each day. The reading teacher and the classroom teachers frequently communicate as they constantly monitor and evaluate the student's progress in order to individualize instruction. Students receive reading services for 30-45 minutes daily. Title I funds are used to assist in supporting this program on the South Campus.

    Read 180

    READ 180 is an intensive reading intervention program that helps educators confront the problem of adolescent illiteracy and special needs reading on multiple fronts, using technology, print, and professional development. The program directly addresses individual needs through differentiated instruction, adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

    Reading Services Staff

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    Jamie Klingenberg
    Siegrist School
    Melanie Duddy
    Siegrist Elementary
    Amy Cardwell
    Compass Elementary
    Blaire Moeckel
    Pathfinder Elementary

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     No Photo! No Photo!  Kathy Smith
     Jennifer Wright
    Pathfinder Elementary
     Jamie Davis
    Pathfinder Elementary
    Carrie Gray
    Compass Elementary
    Kathy Smith
    Pathfinder Elementary

    Read 180

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    Wendy Assel
    Platte County High School
    Jenny Pegler
    Platte City Middle School
    Allison Berglund
    Barry School
    Ann Marie Basye
    Compass Elementary