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    This program is certified by the Secondary Committee
    of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission.
    Working from the ground up, students experience the sights, sounds and aromas in a commercially equipped kitchen. The program’s focus of study starts with food service terminology, equipment identification, & knife skills and then leads to methods/preparation for stocks, soups, sauces, breakfast items, vegetables, starches & meats. Students participate in all facets of running a restaurant and in the production of breakfast, lunch & the occasional larger functions.

    To complete all the required skills, high school students attend two and a half hours per day for two school years.


Program Instructor

  • Moritz

    Mrs. Moritz graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Through numerous managerial positions, time as the president of the collegiate chapter of the Club Managers Association of America and member of the Missouri Restaurant Association, Brandi gained experience catering high-profile, largely attended events. She worked as assistant manager in several restaurants owned by KC Hopps Restaurant Management Company. After leaving KC Hopps, she worked as the Assistant Clubhouse Manager at the St. Joseph Country Club, hosting weddings and large events. She then worked as a Kansas City Area sales representative for U.S. Foodservice. Most recently she was an Environmental Public Health Specialist, staying up to date on food trends in foodservice to assist food establishments in Platte County to provide safe and wholesome food. She is a member of the Platte City Chamber of Commerce and serves on several community advisory councils.          
Culinary students catering event at WWI Museum
CA student

Areas of Study

    • Serving safe food/proper sanitation
    • Product identification
    • Nutrition
    • Cooking methods
    • Knife skills
    • Presentation
    • Proper use of equipment
    • Organization
    • Leadership

Dual and/or Articulated Credit

  • Program completers can earn up to 9 hours college credit from Johnson County Community College and articulated credit up to 3 hours by the Culinary Institute of America. They can also earn up to 7 hours articulated credit from Ozarks Technical Community College.

Career Opportunities


    Hourly Wage

    Average Salary

    Baker/Pastry Chef

    $ 9 - $17

    $ 25,000

    Food Service Manager

    $ 3 - $27

    $ 41,000

    Sous Chef

    $16 - $26

    $ 45,000

    Executive Chef

    $18 - $40

    $ 56,000

    Catering Director

    $17 - $41

    $ 66,000

    Food & Beverage Director

    $26 - $48

    $ 84,000

    *Occupational Outlook Handbook May 2014  
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