•                 AR Reading Program


    Here is an explanation of the AR reading program


    AR stands for Accelerated Reader: Research shows that children succeed when parents support the school and read with their children. The books sent home are based on your child’s STAR reading test. This test shows the level where your child is reading. For example: if they received a 1. 5 this means they are reading at a first grade level and 5 months- 2. 3- second grade level- 3 months. The AR books that your child brings home will be on their level. As the year progresses, I will continue give them STAR reading tests so we can move to a different level. The goal for each child is to be at a 1.9 or above level by the end of first grade. You will discover after reading these books every night, your child’s fluency, reading comprehension and confidence will be much improved. The goal for your child is to become an independent reader and to develop a life-long love of reading.


    What I need to do as a parent: have my child read their AR book (may need to read more than once), ask them questions about the story, fill out AR book form and return to school, do not become upset if they do not get a 100% on their test (I have students say that my mom/dad is going to be mad at me)- the level may be too hard and I need to lower it.


    What my child will be doing: your child will come to school and take a reading comprehension test over the book- we want the students to score 80% or above.