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    Platte County Education Foundation 2016 Major Saver Fundraiser

    The Platte County Education Foundation sells Major Saver cards as a fundraiser to support the Foundation during the fall. Proceeds directly benefit our schools and the Platte County Education Foundation. The Foundation gives back to the PCR-3 community by awarding annual pre-K through 12th grade classroom and building site grants, as well as senior scholarships.
    These cards offer 20 buy-one-get-one-free or other offers from area businesses. Two cards are available for $15 each; one featuring businesses in Platte City (north) and one featuring businesses along the Barry Road corridor (south). This year the fundraiser raised more than $22,000, with nearly $15,000 going to the Foundation and $7,500 going back to the schools who participated in the fundraiser (one-third of the revenue from each card sold returns to the student's school who sold the card). Totals for each school from this year's Major Saver fundraiser are shown below.
     Platte County Education Foundation 2016 Major Saver Fundraiser
     School Total Card Sales School Revenue Foundation Revenue Total Revenue
    Barry School133 $332.50$665.00$997.50 
    Great Beginnings 15$37.50$75.00$112.50 
    Pathfinder Elementary798$1,995.00$3,990.00$5.985.00 
    Siegrist Elementary985$2,462.50$4,925.00$7,387.50 
    Compass Elementary775$1,937.50$3,875.00$5,812.50 
    Platte City Middle School272 $680.00$1,360.00$2,040.00 
    TOTAL 2,984$7,445.00$14,890.00$22,335.00 
    The Foundation revenue from this fundraiser is deposited into the Platte County Education Foundation money market account, with the goal of developing a self-sustaining financial resource to support the Foundation's annual scholarship and classroom/site grant programs. Last year, the Foundation awarded $6,000 in scholarships to PCR-3 seniors, as well as five $500 classroom grants, and one $1,000 site grant to PCR-3 staff.
    Any person wanting to support the PCEF may do so by making a tax deductible contribution to Platte County Education Foundation, 998 Platte Falls Road, Platte City, Missouri. Make a donation in honor of, or in memory of someone special.