• Attendance Area Boundary Map

    Attendance Boundaries Map At the December 2015 Board of Education meeting, members of the Boundary Adjustment Committee and the district's demographer, RSP & Associates, spoke on their experiences and presented an overview of the process and Committee-recommended scenario.

    The Board approved the recommended scenario, which was unchanged from the draft scenario presented for public feedback. Approximately 60 pieces of feedback were received and considered by the committee.

    These attendance boundaries took effect for the 2016-17 school year, with the opening of Compass Elementary as a kindergarten through 5th grade building, the conversion of Siegrist Elementary to a kindergarten through fifth grade building, the expansion of Pathfinder Elementary to a kindergarten through 4th grade building, the annexation of Paxton School to serve PCHS students, and the closure of Rising Star Elementary.

    The northern boundary for the Pathfinder and Barry attendance area moves south from 128th Street to Interstate 435. The Board of Education offered grandfathering options for certain students affected by this boundary change.

    In January 2016, the District notified students and families individually with regard to their designated attendance centers for the 2016-17 school year, based on the address on file in the district student information database. 

    The Boundary Adjustment Committee considered the following Boundary Criteria Guiding Principles when developing the boundary scenario presented to the Board:
    • Keep neighborhoods intact
    • Balance enrollment with given building capacity constraints
    • Maintain contiguous attendance areas
    • Limit number of future boundary changes and provide room for growth within boundaries
    • Consider demographics
    • Consider transportation
    • Consider how the feeder system would work
    • Consider capital and operational costs
    • Consider students impacted by the boundary change