• Flexible Personalized Learning

    PCHS's Flexible Personalized Learning system is designed to provide a flexible learning environment to meet the needs of individual learners. A school’s schedule is a powerful tool that can be used to facilitate collaboration, enhance individualized instruction, and improve student learning. Click here for details for students interested in PCHS's Flexible Personalized Learning system.

    What is Flexible Personalized Learning?

    What is the BEST way to deliver curriculum to our students?  Equal division of time is the main theme in many traditional learning systems (regular scheduling, block, rotating, etc.). Often lost in these processes are differing needs of students, teachers, and courses. Click here for information on the benefits of this learning system.

    Flexible Personalized Learning considers these elements:

    • How much class time is needed each week
    • The needs of individual classes
    • How time should be divided up to meet curricular, as well as, student learning goals
    • How time can be purposed/structured to meet both academically challenged and advanced students
    • How we can provide more individualized, student-centered instruction

    Flexible Scheduling provides students:

    • More opportunity to interact with teachers in small groups and one-to-one
    • More digital delivery of instruction
    • More help when needed and at the time it is needed
    • More labs, discussions and time to make choices about how the day will be spent learning
    • A schedule that provides for learning to take place outside of the classroom


    Flexible Personalized Learning Course Design

    What does a schedule in this system look like? 

    Sample Schedule Course structure will be designed to meet the needs of each student and take on a weekly schedule comprised of large group, small group, and Personalized Learning Time during 2nd through 4th hours of the traditional schedule. Click here for a sample schedule.
    • Large Group (LG):  This time might be scheduled only a few times during the week.  Students will experience a lecture, a demonstration, or receive information concerning an upcoming project.
    • Small Group (SG): This group setting would be used for deeper conversation concerning current projects, assignments, or assessments.
    • Personal Learning Time (PLT): This time will be used for students to gain additional help, explore individual interests, or extend their learning.  Students have the freedom to seek this assistance or staff can assign students to a specific teacher.

    Who can I contact if I have questions?

    If you have questions regarding Flexible Personalized Learning, please contact one of the following at 816-858-2822 or email PCPaxtonPilot@platteco.k12.mo.us. You can also follow the pilot on Twitter at @PCPaxtonPilot
    • Dr. Chad Sayre, Principal
    • Shari Waters, Assistant Principal
    • Matt Messick, Assistant Principal
    • Aaron Duff, School District Liaison
    We believe in the continuous improvement of teaching and learning at PCHS. Our goal is to provide learning environments and opportunities that will enrich our students’ lives and equip them with the skills necessary to succeed beyond high school.