• Siegrist Routes (K-5)

    PLEASE NOTE: Changes for some routes at these schools may occur during the school year as ridership and scheduling needs require. 
    Choose the appropriate bus route, then click the link to see either the scheduled stops and approximate times.  
    Bus Route 204 Route 204  
    Emerald Ct, Estates of Platte Valley, Misty Springs, Oak Creek, Thunder Ridge
    Bus Route 207  Route 207  
    Timber Park Subv, Oak Valley Subv
    Bus Route 209 Route 209  
    Hills of Oakmont (both sections)

    Bus Route 211 Route 211  
    Hwy 92 (E of Bethel Rd), Timber Creek, Summerset, Bethel Ter, Bethel Rd, Country Lane (East & West), HH Hwy (between Bethel & Interurban), Interurban (Platte River to Hoover Rd), Basswood, Amity, Conent, Winan, Farmers Ln., Willow Woods

    Bus Route 212 Route 212  
    NW corner of Lakes at Oakmont:  130th St, 130th Terr, 130th Cir, Harbor Point Dr, 131st Ct, Woodbridge, Timber Park Meadows, New Bedford Falls, Devonshire, Eagle Ridge
    Bus Route 213 Route 213  
    South Lakes at Oakmont:  Oak Ln Cir, 126th St, 126th Terr, Oak Harbor, 126th Ct, Oak Grove Ln, Woodview Ct, Oakmont Dr, Red Oak Ct, 130th St (between Oakmont Dr & Running Horse Rd), Brookfield
    Bus Route 215 Route 215  
    Interurban (Hwy 92 to Hoover Rd), Hoover Rd, Hoover Heights, Chez Le Terre, Hwy B, Hoover to Winan Rd), Buckwood, Stephanie Ln, Hidden Hills, Winan Rd (between Hwy B & Winan Rd), Mona Ln, Red Rock
    Bus Route 217 Route 217  
    Spectrum Station (all students in AM), Talented Tots, Williamsburg Apts, Prairie View Rd (Hwy 92 to Williamsburg Dr) Start Smart Academy, Monkey Around Daycare, Pirate Lake Estates, Francis St, Gates Dr East, Hillcrest Dr, Maple St, Wells Dr

    Bus Route 218  Route 218  
    East of Platte City, Ferrelview, North Creek, Robinhood (North), Alan Acres, 92 Highway East of Interurban
    Bus Route 221 Route 221  
    Caring Hands Montessori, Crystal Edwards, Hands on Montessori, Spectrum Station