• Student / Parent Portal is accessed from the Platte County School District website - select the 'Students' or 'Parents' tab.
    Portal will have:
    * Gradebook:  95% of student's grade will be based on assignments designated as 'Assessment' and 5% of student's grade will be assignments designated as 'Practice'.
    --> Any missing assignments will be marked as 'MSNG' in Portal.  
    --> The Gradebook is the final authority on whether an assignment was turned in or is missing.
    --> Please note that the status of assignments in the Gradebook are NOT directly synced to the assignment status in Google Classroom. 
    --> All students are responsible for updating the status of every assignment given in Google Classroom as a To-Do list.  They need to ensure they mark each assignment in Google Classroom as 'DONE/TURNED IN' when completed.
    --> An assignment may appear as 'MSNG (missing)' in the Gradebook while the student marked it completed in Google Classroom but didn't actually turn-in the assignment.  Or, a grade may be posted in the Gradebook while the assignment is listed as 'Not Done' on Google Classroom.  The teacher cannot update the status of any assignment on Google Classroom - only the student can mark it DONE/TURNED IN on Google Classroom.  
    * Homework:  A copy of the assignment is usually available for download on Google Classroom if the copy originally distributed in class is lost by the student and another copy is needed; or if the student is absent from school on the day the assignment was given.
    * Parents - if you do not have access to Parent Portal or need help signing on, please contact the PCMS Front Office for assistance.