2022-23 School Opening Plan

School Opening Plan 2022-23

(Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan)
Updated August 19, 2022

As conditions around COVID-19 continue to fluctuate, Platte County School District (PCR-3) is evaluating mitigating measures that can best support a return to more normal operations. Students benefit from in-person learning, and safely continuing in-person instruction for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond is a priority. 

PCR-3 is planning to implement the following updated protocols for the 2022-2023 school year, based on current data. 

This approach remains focused on layered mitigation strategies with the ability to reinstate or discontinue specific strategies based on community transmission rates or changes in guidance. PCR-3 will continue to monitor community transmission trends and data, and may adjust protocol accordingly should the need arise. If increased community spread of COVID-19 becomes a concern, the District may strengthen or add to prevention strategies. Community transmission data can be found by visiting the following websites:

We continue to seek guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, local health authorities, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Should circumstances change, adjustments to our plans at the building and/or district level may be necessary, and we will communicate these adjustments with our families and staff.


Mitigation Measures

  • The use of layered mitigation strategies will continue to be reviewed and considered based on school and community transmission rates.
  • The Platte County R-3 School District Board of Education has determined the school district will operate under the following guidance in regards to face coverings in schools:
    • Face coverings are optional for all students, staff and visitors in District buildings and on district transportation. 
    • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has provided additional operational recommendations for schools that may be found here.
  • Self-screening will continue to be emphasized and expected for all staff, students, and visitors before entering any school facility. 
  • Staff, students, and visitors will be asked to conduct the following daily wellness check.

Daily Wellness Check 

  • Hand hygiene, including hand washing and sanitizing, will continue to be encouraged. This will occur frequently throughout the day.
  • Staff and students should practice respiratory etiquette and hand sanitizer will continue to be available in all schools.
  • Families, students, and staff will continue to be expected to report suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 to the school nurse or Dr. Jen Beutel, [email protected], 816-858-5420 ext. 2199. The district will continue to refer positive cases to their local health departments and will follow CDC guidance related to isolation of positive cases. 
  • Visitors will be allowed on campus, following standard visiting rules. Parents wishing to eat lunch with their students should follow in-building protocols for lunch visits.

COVID-19 Testing and Access to Vaccinations

In the spring of 2021, PCR-3 provided COVID-19 Vaccinations to all staff who sought them. PCR-3 continues to leverage its partnership with Platte County Health Department for testing and vaccinations related to COVID-19, and partners with parents and staff who seek vaccination or testing. Area pharmacies, health departments and many primary providers can provide both testing and initial vaccination cycles as well as boosters. Assistance for testing for COVID-19 or vaccination can be obtained through calling 816-858-5420, ext 2199. 

Instructional Impact of COVID-19

PCR-3 will leverage its Multi-Tiered System of Support to identify students who experience learning gaps due to COVID-19 or other reasons. Students struggling to meet academic and behavioral standards will receive evidence-based interventions aligned with best practices. Students who have gaps in their learning, including those who experience homelessness, second language influence, foster care, lack of access to basic resources or those experiencing extended absences, as well as those who have gaps related to the impact of COVID-19, will be identified through the process of universal screening. Interventions will be aligned with identified areas of need, and progress towards intended outcomes will be measured. PCR-3 will use a component of their American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) funds to provide additional academic, social-emotional-behavioral, and mental health support during the summer learning program. The additional ARP ESSER funds will be used to support the infrastructure of the system, including implementation of mitigation and prevention strategies as well as instructional support. 

Special Education: Students identified as disabled under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) continue to receive specially designed instruction, accommodations, modification and other related services according to their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students with IEPs who require additional accommodation or modification due to the pandemic will continue to have those needs addressed through the IEP. 

Section 504: Those qualifying under Section 504 continue services, accommodations and modifications according to individualized plans. Students who attend in-person learning should receive no gaps in service. Progress towards goals will assist teams in determining if IEPs or 504s need to be adjusted.

English Learners: Services for English Learners are provided in-person and in alignment with best practices. 

Process for Periodic Review

This plan details mitigation and other strategies aligned to the current level of transmission of COVID-19 in the area. It will be reviewed regularly and changes, if any, will be shared through District communication channels. Ongoing feedback and consultation from students, families, administrators, building leadership teams, and other staff will provide input to further revisions of this plan. 

Understandable Language 
PCR-3 is able to provide translation services for documents or speech in native languages through a telephone translator or via Google Translate. Families can request translation services through their English Language teacher, their child’s school office, or by contacting the Pupil Services Department ([email protected] or 816-858-5420, ext. 2121). All pages of the District's website are translatable into 12 languages.