• Counseling Center Contact Information/Staff

    1501 Branch
    Platte City, MO 64079
    Phone: 816-858-2822
    Fax: 816-858-5140

    Counseling Department Hours:
    7:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    If you need to meet with your student's counselor please call or email the counselor to set an appointment.

    Please click on the links below to view a welcome message from your counselor:

    Mr. Geoff Heckman's WELCOME MESSAGE
    Mrs. Brown's WELCOME MESSAGE
    Mrs. Sandi Ogden's WELCOME MESSAGE 
    Miss Jarnagin's WELCOME MESSAGE

    Social Worker's Welcome Videos and Virtual Office:
    Mrs. Keene's WELCOME MESSAGE



    Geoff Heckman No photo   Sandi Ogden Heather Brown
    Geoff Heckman
    Department Chair
    School Counselor
    S-Z students
    816-858-2822 x. 1213
    Marissa Jarnagin
    School Counselor 
    E-K students
    816-858-2822 x. 1212
    Sandi Ogden
    School Counselor
    A-D students 
    Scholarship Coordinator
    816-858-2822 x. 1214
    Heather Brown
    School Counselor 
    L-R students 
     816-858-2822 x. 1211
    Missy Falk  Darbi Hines Wanda Wilkerson Kara Yarc
    Missy Falk
    School Social Worker, LMSW
    816-858-2822 x. 1278
    Darbi Keene
    School Social Worker
    816-858-2822 x. 1354
    Wanda Wilkerson
    816-858-2822 x. 1208
    Kara Yarc
    Administrative Assistant
    816-858-2822 x. 1210