• Counseling Center Contact Information/Staff

    1501 Branch
    Platte City, MO 64079
    Phone: 816-858-2822
    Fax: 816-858-5140

    Counseling Department Hours:
    7:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    If you need to meet with your student's counselor please call or email the counselor to set an appointment.

    Geoff Heckman Paige Schillig Sandi Ogden Heather Brown
    Geoff Heckman
    Department Chair
    School Counselor
    S-Z students
    816-858-2822 x. 1213
    Paige Schillig
    School Counselor 
    E-K students
    816-858-2822 x. 1212 
    Sandi Ogden
    School Counselor
    A-D students 
    Scholarship Coordinator
    816-858-2822 x. 1214
    Heather Brown
    School Counselor 
    L-R students 
     816-858-2822 x. 1211
    Missy Falk  Darbi Hines Wanda Wilkerson Kara Yarc
    Missy Falk
    School Social Worker, LMSW
    816-858-2822 x. 1278
    Darbi Keene
    School Social Worker
    816-858-2822 x. 1354
    Wanda Wilkerson
    816-858-2822 x. 1208
    Kara Yarc
    Administrative Assistant
    816-858-2822 x. 1210