• Treasure Chest

    Treasure Chest The southern part of the old Central Office Building (between PCHS and Dairy Queen in Platte City) received a makeover during the summer of 2015, moving from a storage facility for special education and early childhood supplies and equipment, to a stocked resource center providing food, clothing, toiletries, and other home supplies for PCR-3 students and families in need. This resource center is an idea born from the collaboration of PCR-3’s social workers, pupil services staff, and interested parent and community volunteers. The organizers have named this new facility the “Treasure Chest.”
    The resource center provides opportunities to various stakeholders. It is the result of program evaluations completed by district Social Workers, identifying a greater need for resources designated for the whole family, beyond the child we see every day in school.  The facility serves three inter-related purposes; a place for our community members to give and support our families in need, a place for PCR-3 families who are disadvantaged by their economic situations to get necessary items, and a place where volunteers can provide assistance in operating the center.
    The center may also serve as a worksite for special education students in a transitional program. These students could practice various employability and life skills in the resource center, such as merchandising, daily living activities, sorting/arranging, visual and spatial math skills, and managing their environment.
    PCR-3’s five social workers, all of which are Licensed Clinical Social Workers, have previously used various way to locate and store items families needed and would work together to distribute these items. 
    “I am extremely pleased that we’ve come together to address concerns about the lack of resources for families in the area.  Very often, transportation and financial constraints can be a barrier to families accessing  the things they need to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.  Having this type of resource right on the district campus will allow us to match family needs with appropriate resources.  It is a perfect fit for our district and will benefit many of our students and their family members.  I am thrilled to be part of this process and love working in a district that so strongly values the needs of  students and families,” states Lisa Bean, Platte City Middle School Social Worker.
    The Treasure Chest is open for families and donors on an appointment basis. Families in PCR-3’s southern attendance area will also be able to view photographed inventory and request items; then have items sent via inter-campus delivery to their social worker for pick up, should distance to the center be an issue. Appointments can be made by contacting any PCR-3 social worker or the Pupil Services Department:
     Pupil Services Department  816-858-7001
     Lisa Bean, PCMS  816-858-2036 x. 2616
     Jami Hamilton-Ansley, Barry  816-436-9623 x. 3104
     Dene’t Wyckoff, Siegrist  816-858-5977 x. 1443
     Rachel Nelson, Compass  816-858-0172
     Heather Schuller, Pathfinder  816-436-6670 x. 3204
    Barrels for donations to the Treasure Chest are located in each PCR-3 building. Items of greatest need include:
    • Seasonal clothing and shoes
    • New socks and undergarments (primarily child sizes)
    • Personal care items (toiletries, diapers, etc.)
    • Shelf-stable food
    • Laundry and dishwashing soap
    • Basic housewares

    Treasure Chest is open Wednesday Evenings 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Now located in the "old" District Central Office, (between PCHS and Dairy Queen in Platte City). Follow the Treasure Chest on Facebook to learn of immediate needs.