2018-2019 Secondary Enrollment

  • Now is the time for secondary students to be deciding if they would like to make Northland Career Center a part of their future plans. If a student wishes to attend NCC for the 2018-2019 school year, they should contact their home school counselor and discuss their schedule with them.
    Shadowing visits are available for students to come visit NCC during the day and observe current students in their programs. Interested students should visit with their counselor to complete an application and schedule a shadow visit. On shadow day, the student would ride the bus to and from their sending school with the rest of the NCC students. 
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2018-2019 Adult Enrollment

  • January through April is the optimal time for adults to be enrolling in the technical programs at Northland Career Center.  All of our programs, excluding Law Enforcement/CSI, Health Sciences, Production Technologies and Agricultural Sciences, are adult approved programs.

    Adult students can attend as a part-time student (morning or afternoon session) or as a full-time student.  A full-time student can receive a program certification by attending one school year, while a part-time student would need to attend two school years.

    Click here for enrollment guidelines and application packet.

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