• Attendance - Pirate Presence

    Our goal at Platte County School District is to ensure that every student attends school regularly. Our state and district's goal is to have 90% of more of our students attending at 90% or above the total time school is in session.

    Pirate Presence Information Sheet As a district and as a school building, we have some processes in place to help ensure and encourage our students to attend regularly:
    • Students whose attendance rate falls below 91% will meet with our school’s attendance administrator to identify areas to encourage increased attendance. Parents will be contacted to review these goals and offer support. 
    • Students whose attendance rate falls below 90% will be paired with a staff member, who will serve as an attendance accountability partner. 
    • Each month, parents of students whose attendance rate falls below 90% will be sent a notification letter and may ask for a conference with the school's attendance team.
    • Students whose attendance rate falls below 87% will be referred to the Care Team, a small group that will meet with a social worker and/or counselor regularly to determine further supports as needed. This would be in addition to the staff member serving as an accountability partner.

    We are working to establish positive relationships with our students and connect them with trusted adults who will check in with students, and help them with all aspects of their schooling career, not just academics. Students are less likely to succeed if they are chronically absent - which means missing two days every month, or 18 or more days over the course of a school year. 

    Please see the attached information sheet.