Q: How are grades going to work at NCC?    A: Your student’s grades at NCC as of March 13, 2020 can only improve.  If your student would like to improve their NCC program, English or math grade, we would ask that they contact their instructor to request activities to replace missing or poorly scored assignments or assessments.  No additional graded assignments will be given beyond March 13th. However, Instructors will also enter a final employability cycle that was completed March 13th, our last day in session before the closure.  

    Q: Will my student earn credit for this semester?  A: Consistent participation in continuous learning will ensure your student  will receive course credit. If a student chooses not to participate in continuous learning, the student may be in jeopardy of not receiving credit for the course, including NCC English and Math (if applicable).   

    Q:  What platforms will NCC use with my student?  A: Teachers at NCC are following the expectations/guidelines above systematically, but we have allowed teachers to use a variety of platforms/methods based on their familiarity, appropriateness for the class, and current availability.   Some of these examples are as follows: Google Classroom, Canvas, Remind, Group Me, Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Drive, Gmail (District email for teacher and student).

    Q:  How can I get my tools, clothes, etc from NCC?  A: At this time, all district buildings are closed.  Student pickup with be the week of May 25-29.  A detailed schedule is here.

    Q: Are the award of excellence interviews still going to occur?  A:  Yes. Interviews are completed and award winners have been selected.  At this time, we are still planning on announcing our winners as part of our graduation ceremony.

    Q: What will happen with NCC's Graduation/Awards Ceremony?  A: NCC’s graduation ceremony is being planned for Wednesday, July 29th, at 7:30 PM. It will be held at the KCI Expo Center at 11730 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City, MO 64153. Specific details will come later. We will be also exploring virtual graduations if large gatherings are not permitted.

    Q: What if my home school has graduation on the same night? A: At this time, we are only aware of one home high school with a conflict, Staley High.  We are working with administrators to have NCC Staley students participate in the 4:30 Staley Graduation, which would allow you to attend NCC's graduation if you wish.

    Q: When is NCC Seniors last day?  A:  Seniors last day of continuous learning was May 7th. 

    Q: When is NCC's last day for Juniors?  A:  NCC's last day for continuous learning for juniors was May 22nd.

    Q: I have a Yankee Candle fundraiser order.  When / How will I get that to my friends and family?  A: These items will be distributed with student pick up the week of May 25-29.  A detailed schedule is here.