Dan Cogdill

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science - Accounting - Missouri Western State University Bachelor of Arts - Elementary Education - Missouri Western State University Master of Education - Educational Administration - William Woods University

Dan Cogdill

Welcome to PCMS!!!Each shcool year brings a new set of personalities, rules and challenges for students, teachers and parents.  During their first weeks at Platte City Middle School, your child will be asked to find their way around a huge new building, adapt to 8 individual teachers and their classroom procedures, assimilate into a middle school culture where they are expected to transition between classes every 51 minutes, manage lockers and locker partners, develop a working relationship with 2 principals, 2 receptionists, 2 counselors, 4 custodians, 8 para-professionals, and over 700 other students.  Oh, and one more thing:  They need to go to class and learn the subject matter.

In addition to the school related transitions, your child will also be going through many physical, social/emotional and maturity related changes.  Every child progresses through these changes at their own pace.  Research indicates that the average sixth grade classroom can have up to a seven year maturity gap in its student make-up.  

Recognizing the overwhelming nature of these transitions, the staff of PCMS have developed many tools and processes designed to assist your child.  Planners specifically designed for PCMS have many of our school wide policies and procedures.  Please encourage your child to fill out their planner each hour.  Color coded folders (green=science, blue=math, orange=social studies, red=communication arts) are encouraged throughout the building to aid in organization.  Policies and procedures, such as our Pirate Privileges process, have been specifically developed to aid in your child's academic and behavioral growth.  Please take a few minutes to read through your child's planner and review it with them on a regular basis.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Schedule:  On most days, I arrive at PCMS by 7:00am; and will be available until 7:35 am (when students come to class).  My planning period is third hour (9:56-10:47).  This is the best time to contact me.  I am available before or after school by appointment.  

We are anticipating a fantastic school year and hope everyone is as enthusiastic about it as we are!!!!