• About Our District

    Platte County School District The location, schools, and friendly atmosphere make Platte County School District attractive to people wishing to relocate in or around the Kansas City area. While located within easy commuting distance of downtown Kansas City and its amenities, a small town atmosphere prevails. Unique opportunities exist for Platte County R-3 students and parents:  
    • 17 to 1 student to teacher ratios
    • A+ High School Designation (significantly reduced tuition for graduates to junior colleges and vocational programs)
    • An on-site Career Center
    • Participation in the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program
    • Some of the top extra-curricular programs in the state

    The Platte County School District is proud to be an integral part of an area known for its history as well as for what it offers the future for the Northland of the Metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri, area. 

    The District's central office (District Education Center) is located in Platte City, six miles northwest of Kansas City International Airport. However, more than 40 percent of our 105 square miles is within the city limits of Kansas City. With a district encompassing a large amount of square miles, Platte County R-3 maintains two campus areas, one in the north end of the District, and one in the south end of the District. The District hosts six traditional education buildings, one early childhood center, and one area career technical school. Click here to view the District's attendance area boundaries.

     Platte County School District Schools
     Campus  School  Grades
    Platte City
    (North) Campus
    Great Beginnings Preschool & Early Childhood
    Compass Elementary Grades K-5
    Siegrist Elementary Grades K-5
    Platte City Middle School Grades 6-8
    Platte County High School  Grades 9-12
    Northland Career Center Area Vocational-Technical School
    (South) Campus
    Pathfinder Elementary Grades K-4
    Barry School Grades 5-8 + Early Childhood

    District Growth 

    The District has grown from a K-12 student population of 1,957 in 1999-00 school year to 4,259 students in the current 2019-20 school year.

    District Profile


    Total Number of School Buildings 8
    Elementary Schools (includes Barry School, grades 5-8) 4
    Middle Schools (includes Barry School, grades 5-8) 2
    High Schools 1
    Special Schools (includes Northland Career Center and Great Beginnings) 2


    Total Enrollment (K-12) 4,259
    Elementary School Students (K - Grade 5) 1,963
    Middle School Students (Grades 6 - 8) 1,025
    High School Students (Grades 9 - 12) 1,271
    Pre-K Students  85


    Staffing Ratio - Students to Classroom Teachers 17
    Staffing Ratio - Students to Administrators 190
    Average Years of Experience 14
    Percentage of Professional Staff with Advanced Degrees 71.6


    Students Transported Daily 3,449
    Total Number of Buses 44
    Number of Routes 70
    Miles Traveled Daily 1,995

    Food Services

     Food Services
    Breakfasts Served Daily 553
    Lunches Served Daily 2,179
    Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunch Rate 23%


    The District has students from 14 different countries. Thirty-eight languages are reported as spoken at home. In addition to English, the top six languages spoken are: Spanish, Arabic, Creole, Somali, Vietnamese, and Amharic.



     Per-Pupil Expenditure
    Per-Pupil Expenditure $9,688



    Annual Report

    This report gives a wealth of information in a snapshot including enrollment, graduation rates, salary and benefits, tax rates, and more. Click here to view our latest report.