• Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP)

    The State of Missouri requires all school districts to produce a Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP), otherwise known as a strategic plan.  Platte County R-3's CSIP was developed by a cross section of parents, teachers, students, parents, and businesses over a four-month period. PCR3's current CSIP covers a five-year period beginning 2012 and included more than 60 stakeholders in its development. An overview of the District's CSIP is linked below.

    Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan 2012-2017

    If you have any questions regarding the District's CSIP, action plans, or improvement efforts, please contact Dr. Mike Brown, Assistant Superintendent, at 816.858.5420 x. 2102.

    History and Description

    The initial development of the CSIP was conducted by a planning committee of approximately 75 administrators, certified staff, support staff, parents, students, and other community leaders. The committee used a systematic process by design so building leaders could duplicate the process and align their strategic plans to the District’s plan. The initial plan was created in two phases.
    In the first phase, the committee examined performance results and survey data using multiple quality tools; and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. The knowledge gained was used by a smaller group, Admin Council (AC) in Phase II, to create the Vision, Mission, and Values (VMV), goals, strategic objectives, and initial improvement actions. By using data from Phase I, the goals, objectives, and improvement actions support the improvement of identified strategic advantages and challenges, while meeting key stakeholder requirements.
    Each Strategic Focus Area (SFA) Plan includes the following elements:
    • CSIP Strategic Focus Area Goal – a general statement of improvement
    • Goal Champion – the individual ultimately responsible for leading the comprehensive improvement effort related to the goal(s), objective(s), strategies, and action/activities
    • Objective – a measurable indicator of progress (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)
    • Annual Targets – benchmarks used to gauge annual progress
    • Improvement Action/Strategy – an action/activity expected to improve the organization’s performance related to the goal(s) and objective(s)
    • District Person(s) Accountable – the District-level person responsible for implementation and deployment of the strategy
    • Outcome – the intended result of the action/strategy
    • Resource(s) - the needed resource(s) for the improvement action/strategy
    • Implementation/Completion Date – the date the action/activity will begin/end
    Plan-on-a-Page The end result is a VMV and CSIP that set the direction and support a culture of accountability to the delivery of the core competency, the systematic continuous improvement of teaching and learning. The VMV and CSIP are branded with a clear identity with the SFA building blocks and “Building learners of tomorrow...” beneath them. The Strategic Plan-on-a-Page is in every room in the District to support the accountability to the District’s foundational elements. 

    Update Cycle
    Update Cycle

    Since the development of the initial CSIP, Platte County School District has undergone several learning cycles for improving the plan and the process for improving the plan. The plan was developed with a 5-year improvement mindset with revisions year to year. With established 90-day cycles within the process, the District can be agile in making modifications to the plan when necessary. The update cycle is outlined here.

    Missouri Quality Award Program

    As part of the district's improvement cycle, the district has completed an application to the Missouri Quality Award (MQA) Program. The program, modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, offers a thorough and objective educational process through which an organization can learn and apply quality implementation techniques and assessment methods. Read more about the district's application to the MQA Program here.