PCHS Summer School Enrollment

PCHS Summer School Enrollment/Driver's Ed Interest
Posted on 04/19/2022

PCHS Summer School enrollment and Driver's Education interest forms are now open via the links below. Classes do fill up, and there is a limit to the number of students per course.

PCHS 2022 Summer School Enrollment (Incoming 9th-12th Grade)

PCHS Driver's Education Interest Form


Program Dates

Summer School will be held June 1-June 28, 2022. Enrollment will be open from April 19 until May 20 or until courses are full. If a course fills up, you may choose to be placed on a wait list or select an alternate course if available.

Driver's Education instruction will be held June 1-June 30, 2022. Interest form will be open from April 19 until April 29.

Summer School Course Offerings

Both traditional and credit recovery courses will be available. The menu of courses will be limited based on student need and staffing. Click here for our 2022 Summer School Course Selection List.

  • Traditional Courses are for students who are taking the course for the first time (have not failed the course), who need to free up their schedule to take other classes during the school year, and/or who might be deficient in credits and need to take a course that is a requirement for graduation. All traditional courses will be taken off campus, virtually. Students will only be allowed to earn a ½ credit (one class) of traditional courses in the summer.

*Incoming Freshmen: Incoming Freshmen will be allowed to take one course for a 1⁄2 credit. This is optional and not required.

  • Credit Recovery Courses are for students who have failed a core class during the regular school year or for students who failed a required class needed for graduation. Students have the potential to complete more than one class based upon student need, individual determination, and an appropriate amount of time to finish before June 28. Students must attend in person and take one course at a time before moving on to a potential second course. Students will be allowed to be done early if they complete their course(s) before the last day of summer school.

If you are unsure about the courses you should take for summer school, please speak with your school counselor for guidance.


Students and parents will be notified via email once Summer School course rosters are created. If a student does not get into a course because a class is full, they will have the option to be placed on a waitlist or take an alternate course if they chose one on the enrollment form. At that time, both parent and student will need to acknowledge that they still wish to take the course and that they adhere to the expectations of the Summer School program. Students will also receive an email from their teacher once enrollment is closed the week of May 23-27. The instructor will introduce themselves and give them the necessary information and instruction about their Summer School course.


Transportation is provided on an abbreviated bus stop plan. Please see routes and schedules linked below.


Students enrolled in an in-person course may not miss more than two full days. In-person learning for PCHS students will be held at Paxton Center from 8am-12pm, Monday through Friday, June 1028. If two days are missed the student will be dropped from the course, and no credit will be received.

Students enrolled in virtual courses will be dropped from the course if they do not log in within the first three days of summer school, if they do not attend Google Meets, or do not complete the predetermined amount of coursework per week. 

Food Service

Cereal and a light snack will be offered to students who attend in-person summer school. The food cart will be located by the entrance for students to pick up their meals each day. 

A+ Tutoring Opportunities

A+ opportunities this summer will be very limited. If you are interested in tutoring hours, please contact our A+ Coordinator Bev Harland at [email protected].

Driver's Education Information

Due to the high demand of the Driver's Education program, all interested applicants will be placed in a lottery system where up to 50 students will be randomly selected and accepted into the program. If your student gets selected, they will be notified and will be expected to follow all the requirements of the course in their entirety for the completion of this course. Students who are not selected will have access to the classroom materials and other informational resources to support the student's education as a new driver.

The Drivers Education program will take place June 1 - June 30. The Driver's Education Interest Form will be open from April 19 until April 29. Students will then be selected through a lottery drawing process. Parents and students will be notified once this process has taken place and will be notified of next steps. 

Click here for more information on Driver's Education expectations and requirements.