2023 Teacher and Service Person of the Year

2023 Teacher and Service Person of the Year
Posted on 05/16/2023

With a special interruption of a staff meeting and a surprise addition to an all-school assembly, Platte County School District announced its Teacher and Service Person of the Year in early May. This year's Teacher of the Year is Jim Hanway, HVAC Instructor at Northland Career Center; and Service Person of the Year is Marci Fine, Behavior Coach at Pathfinder Elementary. Fellow staff members nominate their peers for consideration in both the Northland Chamber of Commerce's Excellence in Education honors, as well as the District's staff recognition program; then nomination forms are completed by principals, fellow staff members, and parents.

From their nominations:

Jim Hanway, Teacher of the Year

Jim Hanway"Jim Hanway is a credit to Northland Career Center and the Platte County School District in numerous ways. In the classroom, it is evident that he cares about his students and actively works on building relationships with them. He knows his students well, treats them with respect, and inserts humor and humility into his daily lessons. As a result, his positive classroom culture results in a group of respectful students who are primed to learn."

Marci Fine, Service Person of the Year

Marci Fine"As a colleague working alongside Marci, I must acknowledge my growth under her leadership. She pushes me to remember what we want for our kids everyday and that giving up is not an option. I can avidly say, I am not the same person I was before working so closely with Marci. Instead, I am, as most of us are, much much better."