Summer School Offers Career Exposure

Summer School Offers Career Exposure
Posted on 06/15/2022

To provide additional meaningful and relevant experiences for summer school students in middle school grades, Platte County School District partnered with Northland Career Center (NCC) to build a “NCC Summer Seminar” series.

Each 6-8th grade summer school student had the opportunity to visit NCC for a total of four days and be exposed to a total of eight, 65-75 minute seminars. NCC instructional team members and PCR-3 district team members taught the seminars covering the following areas:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Law Enforcement/Crime Scene Investigation
  • Aviation & Diesel Technologies
  • Welding and Construction Technologies
  • Heath Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • EMT/Fire Rescue
  • Career Development and Planning

Each student received a short lecture and then participated in a hands-on experience. Students cooked eggs, dusted for fingerprints at a mock crime scene, constructed a mock helicopter, crawled into a vintage plane, viewed a diesel engine, welded metal, cut boards with an electric saw, hammered and removed nails, fed a live chicken, worked with mock infection control, planted plants, interacted with EMT professionals and a real ambulance, and practiced planning for their future.

Ms. Lee Bledsoe, NCC’s health sciences instructor commented, “It has been a lot of fun seeing kids' faces light up as we teach them new concepts. Watching kids taste various herbs and fruits while also experimenting with a mock infection control activity with glow germs and a black light were two of my highlights. It was a lot of fun!”

This is the first year NCC and PCR-3 have partnered to do NCC Summer Seminars. NCC team members have also been teaching 45-minute seminars in the Liberty School District using the same rotations.

“Many students discovered pathways they wanted to learn more about, but also were exposed to fields that they might now know they aren’t interested in,” Dr. Chad Sayre, PCR-3 Director of Student Services and Summer School coordinator added. “This was a great opportunity to introduce our middle school students to new careers through a relevant and engaging experience.”

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