• A+ Peer Helping Information

    How do I get 50 hours of peer helping?


    Qualifications to Peer Help

    • Ability to meet the 95% attendance for 4 years
    • Ability to meet 2.5 GPA for 4 years
    • Good citizenship
    • Attended or will, A+ designated high school 3 consecutive years
    • Written agreement

    Performing Peer Helping

    • Must be completed in our district with a contracted teacher 
    • Student may enroll in Peer Helping class for one semester during their junior or senior year
    • Student may sign up to Peer Help before or after high school hours
    • Student may earn 12.5 hours with approved job shadow
    • Student must work with other students

    Peer Helping Expectations

    • Student will attend peer helping assignment every day regardless of weather or other circumstances
    • Student will notify assigned teacher and the A+ Office if they are ill, have an appointment, or will miss due to a school activity
    • Student will be respectful to all
    • Student will record their time and activity on provided folder, which is turned in to A+ Office at the end of the 50 hours
    • Student will actively help and work with other students and not use their assigned time for other activities
    • Student will engage in a book study with A+ Coordinator