• Building Use and Visitors

    Building Use and Visitors graphic Visitors and Volunteers

    There will be times when it is necessary for a parent/guardian or visitor to come to school for a variety of reasons. For the beginning of school, protocols will limit the number of non-staff individuals from entering the school during the school day. We very much look forward to getting back to normal school visit protocols. However during the first 30 days of school, and anytime there is minimal to moderate community spread of the virus, we will utilize the following building visitor procedures: (These procedures will be re-evaluated every 30 days for potential adjustments)

    • Building volunteers and visitors will not be allowed to visit classrooms or come for school lunch until further notice.
    • Any parent/guardian needing to drop-off medication for a child will follow the regular protocol to obtain the medical documentation from a physician, then will need to call the school office prior to delivering the medication to the school. Once an appointment has been made, the parent can come to the school to deliver the medication, following the health services protocol for the exchange. 
    • If a parent/guardian needs to pick-up their child during the school day, the parent needs to call the school office and wait in their vehicle in a parking stall. A staff member will escort the child to the parent vehicle.
    • If a parent/guardian brings a child to school after the school day has already begun, the parent may bring the child into the school front office. We ask that the parent/guardian wear a face covering while in the school office and follow physical distancing protocols. However, if a parent does not feel comfortable coming into the school, please call the school office and a staff member will come outside to pick up your child.
    • Parent meetings for Individualized Education Program (IEPs), 504s, or meetings with building administrators will be conducted virtually when possible. If face-to-face meetings are necessary, face coverings will be required and physical distancing protocols will be followed.
    • Building level parent organization meetings will be allowed for in-person meetings as long as attendees wear face coverings and physical distancing is maintained. These meetings will need to occur when no students are in the building. Virtual meetings are preferred when feasible.
    • All student mentoring programs with school visits to other buildings such as A+ Peer Helpers and Northland Career Center Teaching Profession students will be postponed for in-person visits until further notice. Virtual opportunities are recommended until the condition of the virus spread allows for in-person experiences to return to normal routines.

    Public Use of Facilities

    In addition to the safety and security measures performed daily at each of our school buildings, every effort will be made to limit unnecessary exposure to students and staff during school hours. The PCR-3 School District appreciates and encourages strong parent involvement and participation in school functions. These restrictive procedures are only in place to mitigate community spread of the virus, and will be re-evaluated every 30 days through collaboration with local health authorities. The following protocols will provide guidance as to public access to school facilities until further notice:

    • Only employees, students, and pre-approved volunteers will be allowed in school buildings during school hours. This includes all essential staff, parents/guardians only when necessary, and District personnel.
    • Other visitors will be limited to the administrative offices only during school hours, and will need to schedule an appointment to be in the building in any other location other than the front office.
    • All visitors will be asked to follow all physical distancing guidelines and use face coverings during the visit until further notice. Disposable face coverings will be available in each office for those visitors without a face covering.
    • All meetings and visits from non-essential individuals (vendors, non-parents, etc.) will take place outside of the school day when possible. When not possible, these individuals will have access by appointment only and must follow physical distancing and any PPE recommendations.
    • There will not be any other public use of school facilities during school hours.
    • Parents/guardians should contact the school prior to visiting whenever possible.
    • Facility rentals for outside groups will be allowed for outdoor facilities only at this time. Indoor use will be considered after September 1, 2020, and at times when other school groups are not in the facility. Indoor facility use will not be permitted for outside groups when PCR-3 is in a full remote learning scenario.
    • All non-school groups requesting facility use must get approval through the Platte County R-3 Facilities & Operations Department. Additional fees for indoor facility use will likely be required due to the need for additional sanitizing and disinfecting by the custodial staff.
    • All areas used by the public will be thoroughly disinfected following use.
    • All non-school groups will be required to adhere to current health department guidance including physical distancing, face coverings, proper hygiene, and health monitoring.