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  Results from the All State auditions this past weekend in Columbia. Platte County has another recording breaking number of students earning all state honors.  This year, we have 15 students who earned either a spot in a performing ensemble or an alternate or honorable mention recognition.  Below are the results:

Josh McKeague - All State Jazz Band, Trumpet
Joe Morrione - All State Orchestra - Horn
Ian Lang - All State Orchestra - Trumpet
Jake Havemeier - All State Orchestra - Trumpet
Madison Kunz - All State Orchestra - English Horn
Brendan Sullivan - All State Orchestra - Trombone
Carter Beucher - All State Band - Alto Saxophone
John Salehi - All State Band - Tuba
Jake Richardson - (Alternate) - All State Band - Baritone Saxophone 
Austin Davis - (Alternate) - All State Band - Percussion Option 2
Michael McKeague - (Alternate) - All State Band - Percussion Option 1
Meg Baker - (Honorable Mention) - All State Band - Flute
Andreas Kellepouris (Honorable Mention) - All State Band - Alto Saxophone
Evan Callow (Honorable Mention) - All State Band - Percussion Option 1
Austin Allen (Honorable Mention) - All State Band - Baritone Saxophone