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PCR-3 Announces Teacher and Service Person of the Year

PCR-3 Announces Teacher and Service Person of the Year

On May 11, Platte County School District announced its Teacher and Service Person of the Year, surprising each at their building with a special staff parade, banner, balloons, and flowers. This year's Teacher of the Year is Ashlyn Brantley, Physical Education/Health Teacher and Head Soccer Coach at Platte County High School; and Service Person of the Year is Lance Cantu, Custodian at Northland Career Center. Fellow staff members nominate their peers for consideration in both the Northland Chamber of Commerce's Excellence in Education honors, as well as the District's staff recognition program; then nomination forms are completed by principals, fellow staff members, and parents.
The awardees' nominations included the following accolades:

Ashlyn Brantley Teacher of the Year Ashlyn Brantley, Teacher of the Year

From her administrators: "It has been a pleasure to observe Ms. Brantley, as she has taken on a leadership role to help guide our student diversity group and develop a vision and a plan to move our school forward amidst difficult times. Taking on the prefix 'Coach' before your last name, oftentimes signs one up for duties not assigned. Some of those could include, but limited to: mom, therapist, laundromat, chef, pastor, you name it...none of which Coach Brantley backs down from. Year after year, we watch former student athletes come back onto campus, and so othen they are here to find Coach Brantley, a direct result of the relationships she forms with each team she coaches."
From fellow teachers: "Coach Brantley is more than a teacher and a coach. She is a role model of how a strong person should conduct themselves with the utmost character."
From parents: "Ashlyn’s leadership brings out the best in her students and parents whether it is in the classroom or on the soccer field. She is a great human being and role model. I am so thankful for her hard work and positive impact she has made in our children’s lives. The dedication she puts forth every year at PCHS goes above and beyond what is required, and she has shown true excellence in our school district."

Lance Cantu Service Person of the Year Lance Cantu, Service Person of the Year

From administrators: "He works hard and without question and has fun doing it. Stop by, and you will undoubtedly hear his signature laugh that we all love! He cares about everyone that sets foot in our building. He goes above and beyond to line each chair up, make sure the microphones have batteries, reports to his supervisor when a problem arises so it won’t happen again, and gets to know all of the people that come and go, day and night. He has great relationships with NCC staff and has been a valuable part of our family and team for the past nine years."
From coworkers: "Lance always makes himself available to help staff members, students and outside guests who have activities in the NCC building. It is not unusual for Lance to come in on weekends to ensure that events are well taken care of and cleanup has been done in order for school to resume on Monday. Lance has a hearty laugh that puts a smile on everyone's face. He is always jovial, and each year he is willing to play Santa Claus at our annual holiday celebration and is a big hit with the children of our staff members. Lance is always willing to do anything that will help NCC to be a better place."