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Record Number of PCR-3 Students Selected to All-District Band

Record Number of PCR-3 Students Selected to All-District Band

PCHS, PCMS, and Barry had another record number of students selected to be in one of the five All-District Bands. PCR-3 had 140 student auditions on November 2, 2019, for the Northwest MMEA All-District Honor Ensembles and 104 PCR-3 students were selected. Congrats to these students!


The Junior High and High School All-District Jazz Band clinic and concert will be held on the campus of Missouri Western State University in Potter Hall November 23, 2019, with the free concert starting at 5:00pm. 


The Junior High and High School All-District Band clinic and concert are hosted at Platte County R-3 Schools on December 14, 2019, with the free concert starting at 6:00pm in the Wilson Center for the Performing, beginning with the Junior High, then the Concert Band, concluding with the performance of the All-District High School Honor Band. 


Students who made the High School Honor Band and High School Jazz Ensemble as a playing member or alternate are eligible to audition for the Missouri All-State Band on December 7, 2019, at Columbia Hickman High School.



High School All-District Honor Band (Top Band)

  • Alto Saxophone: Carter Beucher - 1st chair, Andreas Kellepouris - 2nd chair
  • Bari Saxophone: Jake Richardson - 1st chair
  • Clarinet: Mara Gullett - 11th chair, Ella McKeague - 12th chair, Lindsey Swindler - 15th chair, Parker Metten - 17th chair, Miranda Edlin - 20th chair
  • Flute: Paige Ely - 5th chair, Erian Stone - 6th chair
  • French Horn: Lillian Puntney - 2nd chair
  • Oboe: Maddi Kunz - 1st chair
  • Percussion Option 1: Evan Callow - 1st chair, Michael McKeague - 3rd chair, Andrew Reil - 4th chair
  • Percussion Option 2: Austin Davis - 2nd chair
  • Piccolo: Grace Thomas - 1st chair
  • Trombone: James Florkowski - 2nd chair, Bradly Hagg - 7th chair
  • Trumpet: Ian Lang - 1st chair, Luke Harms - 2nd chair, Will Moorhead - 3rd chair, Joslyn Hupp - 7th chair
  • Tuba: Chris Gentilia - 2nd chair

High School All-District Concert Band (Second Band)

  • Alto Saxophone: Isaac Havemeier - 1st chair
  • Bass Clarinet: Samantha Teufel - 1st chair, Madelyn McFall - 2nd chair
  • Bassoon: Abigail Wittel - 1st chair
  • Clarinet: Elisabeth Hampl - 9th chair, Hannah Hampl - 11th chair, Michael Pittsenbarger - 19th chair
  • Flute: Abigail Duryea - 10th chair
  • French Horn: Jacob Stiens - 2nd chair
  • Percussion Option 2: Alexis Hornbeck - 1st chair, Tyler Lowstetter - 3rd chair
  • Trombone: Jarrett Jackola - 6th chair
  • Trumpet: Ava Robertson - 3rd chair, Paige Roberts - 10th chair, Maddy Haugsven - Honorable Mention


High School All-District Jazz Ensemble

  • Alto Saxophone: Carter Beucher - 1st chair, Landon Talley - 1st Alternate, Ella Lowstetter - 2nd Alternate, Isaac Havemeier - Honorable Mention
  • Baritone Saxophone: Jake Richardson -1st chair
  • Bass Trombone: Chris Gentilia -1st chair
  • Drum Set: Evan Callow - 2nd chair, Michael McKeague - 1st Alternate
  • Vibes: Alexis Hornbeck - 1st Alternate
  • Tenor Saxophone: Andreas Kellepouris - 1st chair, Ethan Light -1st Alternate
  • Trombone: James Florkowski - 1st chair, Luke Harms -2nd chair
  • Trumpet: Ian Lang - 1st chair, Will Moorhead - 2nd chair, Paige Roberts -1st Alternate


Junior High All District Band

  • Alto Saxophone: Wren-Wilkins - 1st chair, Kade Meinke - 4th chair
  • Baritone: Cooper Lowstetter - 1st chair, Luke Yocklin - 2nd chair
  • Clarinet: Carmen Gentilia - 3rd chair, Amelia Kidd - 5th chair, Graham Sallee - 13th chair, Kinzey Dulin - 1st Alternate, Caden Hitchcock – Honorable Mention
  • Flute: Julia Greco - 5th chair, Madison Lewis - 6th chair, Emmalyn Burnett - 12th chair, Kylie Duryea - Honorable Mention, Zoe Sutley - Honorable Mention
  • French Horn: Quentin Miller - 2nd chair, Avery Rench - 3rd chair, Lincoln Duane - 5th chair
  • Percussion: Liam Blacklock - 2nd chair, Caden Hulett - 4th chair, Sydney Henley - 5th chair, Robbie Cabeen -6th chair, Ben Letcher - 7th chair, Elijah May - 8th chair, Stone Roberts - 1st Alternate
  • Tenor Saxophone: Lyric Dulin - 1st chair
  • Trombone: Gage Fulk - 1st chair, Alex Hamilton-Dubsky - 2nd chair, Ian Burnett - 4th chair, Noah Smith -7th chair, Anna Bundy - 1st Alternate, Paul Havemeier - 2nd Alternate
  • Trumpet: Kathryn Walters - 1st chair, Alyson Stone - 3rd chair, Lucy McClain - 5th chair, Toni DeBiaso - 6th chair, Kendall Heckman - Honorable Mention


Junior High Jazz Ensemble

  • Alto Saxophone: Kade Meinke - 2nd chair, Wren Wilkins - 2nd Alternate
  • Bass Guitar: Toni DeBiaso - 1st chair, Emmalyn Burnett - 1st Alternate
  • Drum Set: Mason Salehi - 2nd chair, Lincoln Duane - 1st Alternate
  • Piano: Robbie Cabeen - 1st chair
  • Tenor Saxophone: Lyric Dulin - 1st chair
  • Trombone: Ian Burnett - 1st chair, Gage Fulk - 2nd chair
  • Trumpet: Alyson Stone - 1st chair, Lucy McClain - Trumpet 2nd chair