Secondary Grading Practices

A Platte County R-3 School District student’s grade is based on learning. Our secondary grading system is designed to provide consistent, accurate feedback and/or measure of what a child knows, aligned to our Principles of Learning.

What is the purpose of grading?

Our purpose for grading in the Platte County School District is to indicate an accurate measure and provide meaningful feedback relative to a student’s progress.

Glossary of Grading Terms

  • Grading Practice: Providing feedback and in some cases, applying a measurement to indicate progress of a learning objective(s) and/or skill(s).
  • Assessment: The process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge and/ or skills related to a learning objective(s). An assessment may or may not be a test.
  • Grade Reporting: The distribution of a grade that indicates progress of one or several learning objective(s) and/or skills over a specified time period.
  • Learning: The knowledge and/or skill(s) that a student has gained.
  • Secondary: Grades 6-12, middle and high school levels

How do we grade?

Ninety-five percent of a reported grade is based on authentic assessment; five percent of the reported grade is based on practice.

What is authentic assessment?

An authentic assessment is evidence of the progress of a student’s learning; it does not have to be a test. Most evidence should be collected while at school, so that it is a true reflection of that student’s progress. Some examples of authentic assessments could include:

  • Tests
  • Projects and presentations
  • Journal entries
  • Lab assignments
  • Research assignments
  • Writing pieces
  • Quick check, small group work, and independent work during class

What is practice?

Practice can be traditional homework, work completed with a partner, and/or work completed with the support of an adult.

Principles of Learning

PCR-3 Principles of Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we improve the grading system?

The Platte County School District improved its grading practices to increase consistency in all secondary classrooms. Grades will be weighted the same in every secondary class using the 95/5 percent formula in the District.

Is extra credit accepted?

The Platte County School District does not endorse extra credit to improve a grade. We do endorse extra practice to improve student learning.

What if my child is a bad test taker?

Authentic assessment can include more than just a traditional test. Students will be given various assessment methods to provide evidence of the progress of that student’s learning. Even if a student is a bad test taker, the student will be given various opportunities to show what they know.

Why should kids do the practice if it is only 5%?

Practice helps prepare students for an assessment. Practice also provides teachers with feedback regarding what individual students are struggling with or mastering. This allows them to target specific standards and skills for the class as a whole, as well as for individual students.

How are grades reflected in Parent Portal?

A student’s final grade will reflect the 95/5 percent formula in Parent Portal. To view the type of assignment (assessment or practice), click on “Gradebook” then “Assignment.” The “Assignment” will reflect the type.