Classified Staff

The purpose of the Platte County R-3 School District (District) Classified Evaluation model is to provide a collaborative process for employees and their supervisor(s) to discuss current job performance, clarify job responsibilities, and plan for future growth and improvement. The classified evaluation tool serves as an incentive toward professional growth on job-related skills for classified employees. This, in turn, will positively support student achievement. Additionally the evaluation process will provide the following outcomes:

  • Provide employees with the ability to see a clear relationship between their job and the organization as a whole
  • Assure accountability to the public the school district is effectively meeting defined goals through sound use of its resources
  • Provide feedback on job performance, giving evaluators the opportunity to reinforce desired end results and provide direction on methods for improved job performance
  • Influence employment decisions affecting retention, transfer, and promotion
  • Recognize employees who exhibit continuous superior job performance

Effective evaluation requires meaningful observation, analysis of employee actions, and first-hand knowledge of the employee and his/her work habits. Performance evaluation should not be a once-a year activity. This must be viewed as a cyclical process with feedback and observation geared towards continuous improvement, which culminates with a formal performance review. An effective evaluation process assures there are no surprises during the end-of-year formal review session. The District expects all of its employees to take an active role in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement within this process, similar to the work that is done in every classroom.

Before beginning the CPIC process with your supervisor, please familiarize yourself with the CPIC handbook below, as well as the login process to the evaluation platform hosted by Frontline Education, by viewing the video below. Best viewed by clicking "full screen."

CPIC Transportation CPIC Handbook
CPIC Transportation CPIC