Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Support

The PCR-3 Treasure Chest is also providing groceries to assist families who qualify for Free or Reduced Meal Plans. Qualifying families will receive a weekly form via email to fill out or call 816-858-7001 weekly, so we can appropriately plan for resources. Once approved, families can  receive additional food on Wednesdays from 4-6pm at  the Treasure Chest site (in the north parking lot of PCHS).


Treasure Chest Logo The old Central Office Building (between PCHS and Dairy Queen in Platte City) received a makeover during the summer of 2015, moving from a storage facility for special education and early childhood supplies and equipment, to a stocked resource center providing food, clothing, toiletries, and other home supplies for PCR-3 students and families in need. This resource center is an idea born from the collaboration of PCR-3's social workers, pupil services staff, and interested parent and community volunteers.

The Treasure Chest resource center provides opportunities to various stakeholders. District Social Workers identified a greater need for resources designated for the whole family, beyond the child we see every day in school. The facility serves three inter-related purposes; a place for our community members to give and support our families in need, a place for PCR-3 families who are disadvantaged by their economic situations to get necessary items, and a place where volunteers can provide assistance in operating the center.

The center also serves as a worksite for special education students in a transitional program. These students practice various employability and life skills in the resource center, such as merchandising, daily living activities, sorting/arranging, visual and spatial math skills, and managing their environment.

Appointments can be made by contacting any PCR-3 social worker or the Pupil Services Department:

Pupil Services Department 816-858-7001
Tori Bond PCHS 816-858-2822 x. 1278
Katie Powers, PCMS 816-858-2036 x. 2616
Sarah Mays, Platte Purchase Middle School 816-436-1433 x. 3405
Dene't Wyckoff, Siegrist 816-858-5977 x. 1443
Vacancy, Compass 816-858-0172 x. 4006
Madi Lisle, Pathfinder 816-436-6670 x. 3206


Donations to the Treasure Chest are accepted in each PCR-3 building. Items of greatest need include:

  • Shelf-stable food
  • Personal care items (toiletries, diapers, etc.)
  • Laundry and dishwashing soap
  • New socks and undergarments (primarily child sizes)

Follow the Treasure Chest on Facebook to learn of immediate needs.