What is a Foundation?

Platte County LogoTo enhance and offer educational opportunities, the Platte County Education Foundation with our community provides financial and motivational resources through a collaborative, transparent, and strategic approach. The Platte County Education Foundation (PCEF):

  • Is a tax exempt, non-profit corporation chartered in 1998
  • Is a part of the Kansas City Community Foundation which allows PCEF to use their investment team to our advantage
  • Administers scholarship funds and innovative classroom teaching grants annually
  • Is actively involved in raising funds from private and corporate sources to support scholarships and enrichment programs throughout the District
  • Is managed by a Board of Directors composed of dedicated community volunteers.


PCEF's goal is to increase the number of grants and scholarships given out each year. In 2023, the PCEF gave ten student scholarships totaling $10,000. The Foundation scholarships are based on certain specific criteria (academic, community service, needs-based, general, and students going into education). Contact Mikyla Murphy for more information on scholarship applications.

The scholarship applications are available on Platte County High School's counseling website or on this webpage in January and are typically due in March.

2024 Scholarships

The Platte County Education Foundation will award multiple, $1,000 scholarships to Platte County High School seniors, based on the following categories: Academic, Financial Need, Community Service, and Entering Education. Applications are typically released in January, due in March, and awarded in May. When completing an application through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, students may become eligible for other local scholarships.


PCEF is proud to announce up to five $600 classroom grant opportunities and one $1,000 site grant opportunities for our staff to receive this year.

Congrats to 2022-23 School Year Grant and Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to the Platte County Education Foundation's ten, $1,000 scholarship recipients: Lanna Albright,
Leah Albright, Jacob Bennett, Ivanna Davydova, Lacey Franksen, Madison Haugsven, Ariana McDowell, Peyton Nickell, Abigail Reynolds, and Demi Riechers! 

Foundation grants have also been selected. This year's site grant goes to Platte City Middle School; "Connecting Historical Fiction Literature to American History" submitted by Carla Drummond. Classroom Grants have been awarded to Amanda Hooten, Brooke Fisher, Lindsey Krieger, Jeff Humburg, and Stephanie Riechers for "Building Communication Skills Through Visuals at the Playground and in the Gym," "Story Boxes: Inspiring Playful Learning, Vocabulary Development and Comprehension in Kindergarten Classrooms," "Art Display Panels," "Going Gaga for GaGa," and "Flexible Seating for Students that Need to Move," respectively. 

Platte County Education Foundation Board

Jennifer Duncan Fain
Chris Patterson
Vice President
Brad Meyer
Laura Hulett
Brian Noller
Sharon Sherwood
Dr. Jay Jones
Jessica Anderson
Dr. Jay Harris
Ruth Swaney
Mikyla Murphy
Cheri Bonsignore
Dr. Aaron Duff
Dr. Drew White
Brandon Gutshall
Ryan Hankins
Karen Jacobs


Ways to Support the PCEF

Any person wanting to support the PCEF may do so by making a tax deductible contribution to Platte County Education Foundation, 998 Platte Falls Road, Platte City, Missouri. Make a donation in honor of, or in memory of someone special.

The Platte County Education Foundation sells Major Saver cards during the fall of each year. These cards offer 21 buy-one-get-one-free offers from area businesses. The cards available for $15 each featuring businesses in Platte City and businesses along the Barry Road corridor. Click here to purchase yours!