Application Process

Internal Candidates (Current District Employees)

You must be a current staff member with a District email.

For staff interested in changing positions within the District, per board policy GCI/GDI, transfer requests for the following school year must be submitted on or before May 1 for professional staff. Requests submitted after this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Transfers of professional staff during the school year are discouraged and will be considered only in extraordinary circumstances.

Staff requesting a transfer for the upcoming school year must submit the appropriate application and discuss the request with their immediate supervisor. For staff members who are interested, they should follow this link for internal applicants and complete the appropriate application.

*Substitutes and student teachers applying for a position, please apply as an external applicant.

If you have any questions please contact Bobbi Wheeler or Amy Schrunk in Human Resources. 


External Candidates (Including Current Substitute and Student Teachers)
Applications are only accepted through the online application process. Review the process for Licensed Professional Candidates below before you proceed with the online application.

Application Process For External Candidates

  1. The program works best with Chrome or Firefox web browsers.
  2. To view external postings, click here.
  3. Click on a job category on the left side.
  4. If you want to apply for a job posting click "Apply". To be considered for specific openings, you must apply for each opening that is of interest to you.
  5. Make sure to check the confirmation page of the application, this will tell you if you are missing any information. If you have everything needed you will click "submit application" or "finish and submit" to complete the application process. You should receive an email confirming it has been sent. Check your spam mail if you do not receive this notification.
  6. A building level administrator will contact selected applicants to schedule a screening interview. Candidates are chosen for screening interviews by building level administrators. Please note, interviews are not guaranteed they will be based on individual qualifications.
  7. Candidates will be selected and scheduled for finalist interviews. Candidates are chosen for finalist interviews by building level administrators.
  8. A building level administrator will make a recommendation for hire to the Executive Director of Human Resources. 
  9. Selected candidates will be contacted to schedule an appointment to meet with the Executive Director of Human Resources. 
  10. On the third Thursday of each month, recommendations to hire selected candidates are placed before the Board of Education for final approval.
  11. If selected, candidates are approved as a new hire and we will begin the new hire process.

If you are having technical difficulty with the online application, please contact Frontline Applicant Tracking support line by clicking here.

Help center specifically for applicant click here.

**Substitute Teachers and Student Teachers**

If you are a current substitute or student teacher and are interested in a certified teaching position, you must complete the full external application process outlined under the Process for Licensed Professional Candidates section and apply as an outside candidate. Do not use the internal movement process.


Licensed Professional Candidates

In addition to submitting the application, a copy of your college transcripts and teaching license must be submitted electronically. If you are currently in the process of completing your degree, a copy of your transcripts prior to graduation should be submitted. All documents, including transcripts, license and two letters of reference, can be uploaded and attached to your application through the online process.

It is important that applications are complete and up-to-date prior to submission. Current information regarding licensure, transcripts, experience, and references will be necessary for full consideration. Review your application each time prior to submission to ensure accurate information.

Our building administrators are focused on the daily educational needs of students; therefore we ask that candidates do not contact building principals to express interest in a position. The Human Resources Department will manage your application and can provide information regarding the status of your application and any open positions.

Successful candidates will be contacted for interviews. Not all applicants will receive an interview. The recruitment process for Platte County Schools is year-round, but specific staffing needs may not be determined until late spring.