English Language Learner/Migrant Services

Characteristics of Students

Definition provided by Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

The term limited English proficient, when used with respect to an individual, means an individual -

  • (A) who is aged 3 through 21;
  • (B) who is enrolled or preparing to enroll in an elementary school or secondary school;
  • (C) (i) who was not born in the United States or whose native language is a language other than English;
    • (ii) (I) who is a Native American or Alaska Native, or a native resident of the outlying areas; and
      • (II) who comes from an environment where a language other than English has had a significant impact on the individual's level of English language proficiency; or
    • (iii) who is migratory, whose native language is a language other than English, and who comes from an environment where a language other than English is dominant; and
  • (D) whose difficulties in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language may be sufficient to deny the individual -
    • (i) the ability to meet the State's proficient level of achievement on State assessments described in section 1111(b)(3);
    • (ii) the ability to successfully achieve in classrooms where the language of instruction is English; or
    • (iii) the opportunity to participate fully in society.

Program Description

The Platte County R- 3 School District provides English Language Learner services designed to increase English language proficiency and to promote access to and increased academic progress toward state and district curriculum standards. The goal for every ELL student is that they will read at grade-level in English.

Due to the large number of diverse languages, and growing number of students in the Platte County R-3 School District, English Immersion has been adopted as the most appropriate educational approach for the district's English language learners. English Immersion is an approach to teaching a new language where learners receive all or most of their instruction in the new language. Depending on the age and language proficiency level of the individual English language learner, the student may receive instruction through one or more of the following methods that fall under the broad heading of English Immersion. In each method, instruction includes skill development in the four modes of English literacy: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  • ELL Pullout: is used generally in elementary school settings. Students spend part of the day in a mainstream classroom, and are "Pulled out" for a portion of the day to receive literacy instruction in English provided by a certified ELL teacher.
  • ELL Class Period: is generally used in middle schools and high schools where students receive literacy instruction during a regular class period. Platte County R-3 High School currently offers English Language 1 and 2 as an option for ELL students to receive necessary English credits. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education states that there is no limit on the number of ELL classes a school may accept for credit toward graduation.
  • Differentiated Instruction for ELL students: An instructional approach used to make academic instruction in English understandable to ELL students. In the DI classroom, teachers use physical activities, visual aids, and the environment to teach for appropriate concept development in mathematics, science, social studies, and other subjects.

Decisions as to which educational approach(es) are used, and what portion of time is allocated to each is made with input from the Department of Student Services, ELL Teachers, building Principals, and mainstream teachers. Counselors, ELL and mainstream teachers, parents, building administrators may be involved in making decisions regarding the academic program of particular students.

ELL Staff

Mary Dickson
  Mary Dickson 
Platte County High School

 Daria Opanasenko-Davydova
Platte Purchase Middle School/Platte City Middle School

Elizabeth Hanman

Elizabeth Hanman
Pathfinder Elementary
Sonia Khan
Sonia Kahn
Barry, Compass, and Siegrist