Activity Bus Information

PCHS After-School Activity Route

Platte County School District is one of the very few public school districts that still provides after-school activities transportation to its High School students so that they may participate in sports, clubs, practices, and other authorized activities. All costs associated with these after-school activity buses are fully borne by the District, with no funding from the state of Missouri. With increasing costs, ridership, and time constraints, the District has established specific drop-off areas strategically located within the District so that it can continue to offer this service to its students and their families.

Due to driver shortage and opening of the new Platte Purchase Middle School, there is no longer a middle school after school activity route starting with the 2023-24 school year.

Door-to-door and neighborhood service will not be provided, but rather an established scheduled service to a series of bus stops within a short drive or walk to most residential areas, and located at centralized points that serve the most heavily used areas for this service, will operate.

These pre-established drop-off points and scheduled stop times will allow parents to plan accordingly for their student’s arrival. It will then be the responsibility of the parents to provide for the student's transfer from the bus drop-off point to their home. Although very careful consideration was included in the decision to locate each stop, including parent parking, accessibility, and other factors, they are still centralized, and the bus cannot wait with any students whose parent has not arrived or made other arrangements to pick them up.

The activity bus route leaves Platte County High School at 5:15 p.m. each day.

This activity bus provides a ride to pre-scheduled zone drop-off points strategically located within the District for students who are participating in after-school activities. Examples are, but not limited to: sports, clubs, practices, and after school tutoring. Students staying after to serve detention are not eligible to ride the activity bus.

Students must present a bus pass that has been issued by the school for that day upon boarding. Bus stops and times are limited to those which have been established within the attached schedules, and stops within other areas will not be made. It will be the parent’s responsibility to pick up their students at the established bus stops so that students will not be left at the bus stops. Although very carefully selected for ample parent parking and safety, the bus cannot stay until after it drops off at a particular stop to wait for late-arriving cars for the students.

Click on the Route number below to see a full list of stops. Please note times are not listed because they vary greatly depending on ridership.

 High School Activity Routes
Transports students to areas south of Platte City with centralized stops in Seven Bridges and Hillsboro Road. This route also transports students east of I-29 and north of Tiffany Springs, with centralized stops at Barry School, Tiffany Greens, Ferrelview, and Hoover.  Additionally transports students to the Barry Road area, including centralized stops in Fountain Hills, the Ethans/Crooked Creek/Falcon Pointe, Cedar Ridge, Northland Heights, and Wau Lin Cree.

***There are no stops scheduled in the immediate Platte City area or north of Platte City due to proximity of school locations.