This page contains District fundraising guidelines, the approval form, and the calendar of all approved fundraisers across the District and supporting Platte County R-3 School District. If you have any questions, please contact the District Education Center at 816-858-5420.

Fundraising Calendar

Click here for the fundraising calendar.

Fundraising Approval Form

Please complete the online Fundraising Approval Form and submit to your building administrator. See guidelines for more specific details. To download a fillable pdf paper copy of the form, click here.

Fundraising Guidelines

The Board of Education appreciates contributions and encourages the interest and participation of parents and community members in supporting the District and student activities. While the Board of Education prefers to financially support District-sponsored student programs and activities, they recognize fundraising activities are essential for their existence.

In an effort to provide clarity to our parents and community, the District has set forth the following guidelines in an effort to reduce duplications, overlap, and to provide a central bank of fundraising information including dates and a calendar.


Fundraising is defined as activities which contribute to the operation of the district, club or organization of the school. All fundraising should follow board policies and guidelines, be approved and regulated by the building principal and then forwarded to the Central Office for review and scheduling on the District Fundraising Calendar.

District-Sponsored Fundraising
District-sponsored fundraising includes all fundraising activities that contribute to the operation of student programs/activities or for charitable organizations and are administered by school staff or students involved in the activity or program.

Parent-Sponsored Organization's Fundraising
Parent-Sponsored Organizations are separate entities under their own 501(c) 3 nonprofit status. These organizations are composed of parents, community members, and/or staff volunteers coming together for the purpose of supporting school programs through providing refreshments, decorations, equipment, uniforms, or awards for the end of the season celebrations; and contribute general support during games or activities, and for coaches/players. Parent-Sponsored Organizations include, but are not limited to, PTA/PTSA/PTO, sports booster clubs, parent booster clubs, Music Parent Association, Quarterback Club, and Goalkeeper's Club.

These organizations are perceived as extensions of the District, and therefore are requested to follow guidelines for fundraising as stated in this policy.

Internal Fundraising
Internal fundraising is only promoted through students and staff of a specific building.

External Fundraising
External fundraising includes promotions through the community, family, friends, and neighbors. Fundraising may involve both internal and external promotions.

Community/Family Event Fundraisers
Those fundraisers that are focused on bringing families, school, and communities together or a fun youth activity, i.e., skating parties, restaurant nights, gymnastics, dances, etc.

Charitable Fundraising
Events and projects that raise dollars/awareness for specific causes. While we encourage community service and service learning projects, each building is encouraged to schedule and limit these types of fundraisers to one per month.

Door-to-Door Fundraising
Door-to-door fundraising is the selling of tickets, products, or taking advance orders by person-to-person solicitation. Door-to-door fundraising by students is strongly discouraged. Any door-to-door soliciting involving students should have the explicit prior approval of the principal. Students involved in the direct selling will assume the responsibility for the items they sell and the money they collect.


  • Every effort should be made to limit fundraising activities to two external fundraisers per group, per year, at the discretion of the building administrator.
  • When an organization contemplates a fundraising activity, it is important to submit the request on the appropriate approval form (linked on this page). A meeting is to be held in advance involving the principal or designee, appropriate representative from the organization, and the faculty sponsor to organize and obtain approval.
  • Each principal, or designee, is directly responsible for all types of money-raising activities conducted in his/her school or sponsored in any manner by his/ her school. The principal or designee will make a determination to grant or deny approval for the request. If an activity includes more than one school, the activity must be approved by each respective principal.
  • If possible, first semester fundraising requests should be submitted prior to September 1st, second semester fundraising requests prior to January 20, and summer fundraising requests by May 20th. This will allow adequate time for approval and scheduling.
  • Once the building/program administrator authorizes the request, it should be forwarded to the District Education Center for final approval and entered on the District Fundraising Calendar. Final approved documents will be returned to both building administrator and sponsor/coach.
  • Parent-sponsored organizations should make their purchases and agreements using their own tax 501(c)3 tax exempt status.

Check List

_____ Sponsor/Coach confers with building principal and submits Fundraising Approval Form.

_____ Building/Program Administrator confirms on the district fundraising calendar (view only) any other conflicting fundraisers during that time.

______ If denied, give reason and return to the sponsor/coach. If approved, forward to District Education Center for final authorization. District Education Center will place on fundraising calendar once authorized and will return copies to both administrator and coach/sponsor/group.

District Trademarks Usage

Fundraising groups desiring to use trademarks of Platte County School District R-3, including both District and high school logos, must be licensed to do so. The fundraising organization must fill out the Schedule A and licensing agreement forms. To obtain the Schedule A and licensing agreement forms, please contact the Director of Communications at 816-858-5420.