Long-Range Facility Plan

Long-Range Facility Master Plan Purpose

By engaging our community, we will proactively and responsibly manage district growth, finances, and support services to improve student achievement and provide a safe and caring environment for our students, staff, and community.

Long-Range Facility Plan Update

The Long-Range Facility Planning Committee has been charged with reviewing information, refining facility planning criteria, exploring and ranking future facility considerations, developing scenarios, then collaborating with the community, and ultimately recommending an updated plan to the Board of Education.

Feeder Pattern GraphicMembers have reviewed and processed relevant data including the District’s enrollment forecast and community growth data, the District’s current and projected financial capacity, building functional capacities and utilization, educational programming and facility needs, stakeholder survey results, and district-wide facility assessments.
The previous Long-Range Facility Planning Committee recommended the April 2021 no tax increase bond issue projects including a new middle school in our southern attendance area, Phase 1 of the Platte County High School (PCHS) rebuild project, and converting Barry School and Pathfinder Elementary to each support a PreK-5th or K-5th grade environment. With these projects completed or underway, PCR-3 has an aligned and “complete” feeder system, as illustrated in the graphic to the right.

Our most recent enrollment forecast predicts the District could increase by about 200 students in the next five years. Our current feeder system and facilities can adequately serve the future student population during this time without facing major capacity challenges allowing the District to focus on maintenance of our existing facilities and completing the next phases of the PCHS Rebuild and Platte Purchase Middle School projects.

Enrollment Projections Update 2022-23
Facility Planning Criteria

Long-Range Facility Plan Priorities

The committee refined and ranked the District’s planning criteria, with school safety as a constant priority, and growth management, current and future condition of facilities, utilization/capacity, and building adequacy, ranked as other priorities. This planning criteria sets the framework for future facility considerations. The committee used all of this information to brainstorm and develop facility considerations for the plan, then prioritized the facility considerations into 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15 year time frames as presented in the plan, approved by the Board of Education in July 2023.

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Long-Range Facility Plan Next Steps

The task force will meet annually to review new enrollment and financial data and refine recommendations as needed.