Performance Evaluations

The goal for any performance evaluation is to provide feedback to ensure employees are working as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Platte County School District has created tools to ensure employees and supervisors work collaboratively in this process. The employee performance evaluation process includes goal setting, performance measurement, and regular feedback to ensure success. The process helps employees see how their jobs and expected contributions fit within the bigger picture of their organization-to assist in the education of children.

Educator Performance Improvement Cycle (EPIC)

Certified staff will be evaluated using the Educator Performance Improvement Cycle, or EPIC, which is a based on seven essential standards developed by the state of Missouri. Individuals will be asked to select 2 indicators throughout a given year. This model embraces continuous improvement through targeted goal setting, data collection, self-reflection and focuses on the improvement of teaching to positively impact student learning.

Classified Performance Improvement Cycle (CPIC)

Classified staff will be evaluated using the Classified Performance Improvement Cycle, or CPIC the model is to provide a collaborative process for employees and their supervisor(s) to discuss current job performance, clarify job responsibilities, and plan for future growth and improvement. The classified evaluation tool serves as an incentive toward professional growth on job-related skills for classified employees.

Evaluations via Frontline Education

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