Leave Benefits

Annual Leave Days (ALDs)

ALDs are available to full-time staff members to provide greater flexibility in the use of time off. Full time staff will be entitled to twelve (12) days of leave a year. Full-time employees working less than a full term shall only be entitled to a prorated share of the ALDs based on the length of employment during the current school year. An absence of one to four hours shall be counted as half of a day. Exception to this rule, loss of 1-4 hours can be made up with supervisor's approval. Lost time must be made up in the same work week the loss occurred. (Example-left 2 hrs early on Monday, the 2 hrs can be made up Tues - Fri.). Support staff will be allowed to take leave in increments of two hours, if approved by a supervisor. If this occurs, leave should be submitted in HR Portal as 0.25 (1/4 day) for a two hour absence.

ALDs shall not be used on the following days unless approved by an administrator:

  • Before or after a holiday
  • Early release days when an in-service is scheduled
  • First and last week of school

An employee who is absent for reasons other than those specified under Board rules, or by reason of fraudulent application of district leave provisions shall be subject to disciplinary action that may include pay reduction, up to and including termination of employment.


All full-time Support Staff employed on a 12-month basis will receive:

  • Two weeks for less than 5 years of service
  • Three weeks for service of 6-10 years
  • Four weeks for service of 11 years or more

*See Human Resources for additional information.

Vacation days must be used by July 1. Any unused vacation days will be paid out at the daily rate of a substitute to the employee on the July 25th payroll.

Summer vacation will be charged in hours. (Ex. 10 hr day = 1.25 duration)

Professional and Support Staff will refer to Board Policy GCBDA and GDBDA

Bereavement Leave

A maximum of three days of leave may be used each school year at the time of death of an immediate relative without a deduction in salary or ALDs. If additional absences are needed, the days will be deducted from the employee's ALD total or salary. Reference the Short-Term Leave Policy GCBDA and GDBDA for examples of immediate family.