Application Process FAQs

How do I apply?

Click here to view current openings and start the application process.

Will you accept a paper application?

Paper applications will not be accepted as the District has gone to all electronic applications. If you do not have access to the internet you can come to the District Education Center at 998 Platte Falls Rd, Platte City, 64079. A computer is available for the application process.

Do I need to include my transcripts with my application?

If you have them, you can upload them at the time you apply. However, it is not mandatory to submit them at the time you are applying.

I submitted my application online, did you receive it?

Once you submit your application, you should receive an e-mail notification that the District did receive it. Any time that the status of your application changes, you will also receive e-mail notification.

I'm having trouble with my online application, who can I contact?

If you are having technical difficulty with the online application, please contact Frontline Applicant Tracking support line by clicking here.

What else is required?

New employees must either have a current background clearance no older than 365 days or complete a new background check. To start the background check and fingerprinting process, go to to make a fingerprinting appointment. The fee is $41.75.

You must have a 4-digit registration code. Platte County School District's codes are listed below:

  • Certified Staff: 1628
  • Classified Staff: 1630
  • Bus Drivers: 1631
  • Substitutes: 1629

When does your hiring process begin for the upcoming school year?

The District begins pre-screening applications in January, and our annual Screening Interview Day is typically held in February. In addition, the District often attends career fairs at area colleges/universities.

Can you give me more detail about the Screening Interview Day?

Every year, the District hosts an annual Screening Interview Day where potential pre-screened employees are invited to come to meet with one of our administrators. This is a screening process only. If an administrator is interested, he/she will contact potential candidate to come at a later date for a full, comprehensive interview.

Is your Screening Interview Day for anyone?

This is a time the District screens for potential teachers.

Are you accepting sub applications?

Yes, please see our current openings.

Are you accepting applications for support staff?

Any open position for the District will be listed on the current openings page.

If I am an internal applicant, will I be interviewed?

If you are qualified for the position, yes.



For any additional questions, please contact Grady Robertson, Bobbi Wheeler, or Connie Wuebben.