1st Tier - 2023-24 Platte Purchase MS Routes 6-8

PLEASE NOTE: Changes for some routes at this school may occur during the school year as ridership and scheduling needs require.

Choose the appropriate bus route, then click the link to see either the scheduled stops and approximate times, or a full route map.

Bus Route 151

Route 151

Tiffany Greens, Hawksbury

Bus Route 152

Route 152

View Crest, Steeple Chase Apts, Fountain Hills

Bus Route 153

Route 153

Northland Heights Apts, Robin Crest Village, Line Creek Meadows

Bus Route 154

Route 154

 Ethans, Belmont Apt (formerly North Pointe, N side of N Hickory), Cedar Ridge, Holly Ridge, Hidden Lakes

Bus Route 155

Route 155
Fountain Hills (SW Side),  N Platte Purchase (N of 108th St), N Robinhood Ln (N of 108th St) Tiffany Greens, Tiffany Lakes

Bus Route 156

Route 156

Barry Harbor, Hunter's Ridge, Timber Hills, Barry Woods, Creekwood Highlands, Woodbridge, 82nd Ter., Barry Heights, Wau Lin Cree

Bus Route 157

Route 157

Cedar Ridge, Falcon Falls, Falcon Pointe Apts, Holly Ridge,  Andover Park (formerly Carrington Park), Crooked Creek

Bus Route 158

Route 158

Communities of Green Hills, Villages at Green Hills

Bus Route 451

This is the Platte Purchase Middle School "Academic Lab" after-school route bus. It is designed to take students who stay for after-school tutoring and homework assistance back to their general neighborhoods. It will not provide the same level of service that regular routes provide, but will deliver students to areas walkable or convenient for parents to pick up within relatively short distances to most neighborhoods so kids do not have to walk across major traffic or geographic obstacles.