Immunization Requirements & Information

Any student attending Platte County R-III must be in compliance with the Missouri state laws regarding immunizations. Students not in compliance with the law will NOT be permitted to enroll, attend, or participate in any school activity. A student is considered in compliance with the law if:

  • All immunizations are complete and the dates are provided to the school.
  • The immunization process has started and is progressing according to the schedule recommended by the Missouri Department of Health.
  • An exemption from immunization has been arranged according to provisions of the law. Copies of exemption forms will NOT be accepted, you must sumbit the original exemption form from the health department.

The following is the Religious Exemption Policy as setforth by the Platte County Health Department:
All Persons who wish to request a Religious Immunization Exemption must make a physical appearance at the Platte County Health Department at 1201 E. Street Parkville, MO during normal business hours. Religious Immunization Exemptions will not be distributed at any off-site clinics. All persons requesting an exemption must be provided education by a Platte County Health Department nurse or designee regarding responsibilities of guardians of the card holder.

Parents are responsible for providing dates (day, month, and year) of all immunizations previously received when a student is enrolled. Exclusion from school, as required by the law, will occur if the student is not adequately immunized, or properly exempted.

2021-2022 Missouri School Immunization Requirements


Pre-School Requirements

Immunization requirements for students enrolled in Great Beginnings Pre-School or Early Childhood Program have different requirements than older children. Proof of immunization is required for attendance in either program. Immunization Requirements for Children Enrolled in Missouri Child Care and Preschool provides the required immunizations.

2021 Missouri Preschool Immunization Requirements

**If a child has had varicella (chicken pox) disease, a written statement from a physician documenting the month and year of the disease is required. Parental/guardian statements of disease will no longer be accepted.**


8th Grade Requirements

Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccine and the MCV (meningococcal) will be required for all incoming 8th grade students. These vaccines are typically given around age 11. Contact your health care provider or the Platte County Health Department at


12th Grade Requirements

Meningococcal vaccine is required for all incoming 12th grade students. The meningococcal vaccine needs to have been given ON OR AFTER the students' 16th birthday. Contact your health care provider or the Platte County Health Department at


Influenza Vaccine Information

Please visit this vaccine information sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for information on the influenza vaccine.