2nd Tier - 2023-24 Barry Routes K-5

PLEASE NOTE: Changes for some routes at this school may occur during the school year as ridership and scheduling needs require.

Choose the appropriate bus route, then click the link to see either the scheduled stops and approximate times.

Bus Route 252

Route 252

Airport Hotels and Communities of Greenhills

Bus Route 253

Route 253

Hawksbury and South section of Tiffany Greens

Bus Route 254

Route 254

Northland Heights, Robincrest Village, Line Creek Meadows, Northfield

Bus Route 259

Route 259

Villages of Greenhills, Manor Homes Foxcrest, 85th Terr, 85th, and 84th Terr and Robinhood, Waulin Cree, The Meadows

Bus Route 260

Route 260

N Platte Purchase, Robinhood Ln,  Tiffany Lakes, North portion of Tiffany Greens